4 Reasons why your indoor pool needs a dehumidifier

Supplier: Humiscope
03 November, 2020

Whether you are in the first stage of planning a new indoor pool hall or already have an indoor pool without climate control, these 4 reasons why your indoor pool needs a dehumidifier can help:

Health and safety

Undoubtedly the most important reason why a dehumidifier is required would be for health and safety purposes. Whether the space is used for commercial or residential, know the space is safe to use should be a requirement.

To explain from experience, our technicians have done site inspections on pool halls, interested in humidity control, where ceilings have collapsed due to moister collection, walls and corners had visible mould growing (yes, even in harsh chlorine environments!) and windows had visible corrosion occurring.

Yes, pool dehumidifiers can be expensive, however, it certainly costs less than repairing and replacing walls, ceilings and equipment or worse, possible lawsuits for negligence.

Imagine physically throwing buckets of water against the interior walls of your pool hall. That is exactly what is happening in indoor pools with no ventilation or air treatment equipment. While damage to the building might not be visible (at first), the moisture seeps through the walls and collects on the inside and slowly but surely deteriorates overtime.

Once the damage is finally visible it is too late and inevitably will need to be rectified or replaced. Quite often this is when people consider dehumidification and although the situation was created due to the lack thereof, many clients become frustrated with the costs of equipment along with building repairs etc. and once again decide not to opt-in.

Indoor therapy pool at retirement village


Energy Cost savings

As Pool dehumidifiers can be multi-functional, this can assist users with saving on energy costs annually. Application specific units can be designed to recover heat from return air to reheat and supply heated water to the pool. Some more advanced units can even be configured to sense when the outdoor air conditions are dryer outside than inside, and switch the airflow to bring more fresh air into the space.

Comfort for users

When considering the reasons why a pool has been built indoors, the main reasons consist of user comfort and leisure, therefore a good reason to add a dehumidifier to the pool room is for the exact same reason. Temperature and humidity control go hand in hand together to maintain comfortable conditions in the space. Ideal design conditions range from 26°C to 28°C and with relative humidity level between 50-60%.

Although there are many more reasons as to why and how a dehumidifier will be beneficial, these 4 are the most critical reasons and something your designer should always discuss with you.

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