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5 Accessories You Should Consider For Your Weighbridge

Supplier: Ultrahawke By: Mark Bini
15 March, 2016

A good and reliable weighbridge system forms an essential part of many business’ operations. A quality weighbridge is only one aspect of a reliable system.

To ensure optimal operation, the best results, and efficiency you may want to consider investing in additional weighbridge accessories for your business. Here are our top five accessories that will help you complete your weighbridge system. 

1. Site boom gates

It is important to keep your weighbridge site secure at all times, this helps to keep unwanted visitors out of the site and away from unsafe areas. A boom gate provides a physical barrier and can aid in identifying visitors.  It can operate manually or automatically and allows only authorised vehicles to enter the premises. Modern boom gates work intelligently with photo-electric sensors and ground loops, which enable them to open automatically when a vehicle approaches and transfer information to a software package.

2. Electronic Identification systems

Electronic ID systems use transponder tags to identify vehicles, visitors and personnel visiting the site. These systems include items such as magnetic strip readers, vehicle transponder tags and iButton devices – these are especially popular due their effectiveness, affordability and versatility.

3. Remote displays

Weighbridge remote displays show weighbridge weight results in a remote location. This is convenient when the indicator is in an area which is hard to reach or inaccessible.  Remote display products come in a variety of sizes and in LED or high-visibility electromechanical displays.

4. Traffic control lights

A traffic light may be a simple accessory, but it shouldn’t be overlooked as it is a very functional aspect of site security. The lights are mostly only used at 150mm and in red and green, but other sizes and colour combinations are also available. These traffic lights can be fitted to buildings or poles and function manually or automatically with integrated software packages.

5. Weighbridge walkways

Weighbridge walkways, including stairs, hand rails, safety railings and bollards are mandatory items that all contribute to a safer workplace that complies with health and safety regulations. For the best results you should install high quality, hot-dipped galvanised products that meet Australian Standard AS1657 standards and can withstand exposure to the elements.

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