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5 Important Reasons to Choose Dalsa Vision Appliances

Supplier: Adept Turnkey Pty Ltd
07 February, 2009

Customers have choices when it comes to selecting a machine vision solution. In fact with many alternatives available it is becoming increasingly more difficult to determine the right choice for their application. As a helpful guide, below are 5 IMPORTANT REASONS why customers select DALSA’s IPD Vision Appliances for their machine vision projects.

Customers have choices when selecting a machine vision solution. Below are 5 IMPORTANT REASONS to select DALSA’s Vision Appliances for your machine vision projects.

1. Designed for All Users

Vision Appliances are equipped with two distinct kinds of user interface that cater to all levels of user:

iNspect and iLabel

These “standard” inspection tools have been carefully designed to abstract the complexity of our technology. Using a simplified 5-step process, customers with little or no knowledge can setup and deploy a fairly complex application in short time. 

iNspect is a general purpose tool that offers position control, measurements, identification and flaw detection. iLabel is a tool specifically designed for verifying the placement and quality of labels on packaged goods.


This “advanced” inspection tool can be applied to almost any machine vision application. Tailored to the experienced user, it's graphical design environment enables complex applications rapidly, reducing costs and time to market.

Sherlock also offers design flexibility, scripting, plug-in algorithms and controls to develop custom operator and 3rd party equipment interfaces.

2. Excellent Price-Performance

The Vision Appliance product family offers customers a range of price/performance options. From the single camera VA15 to the VA41 with 6 cameras. This ensures that customers will not be limited by performance or flexibility. Also now available for multiple GigE cameras is the VA61.

3. Choice of Camera & Image Size

Vision Appliances support from 640x480 to 16MPixel cameras. Only the cameras need replacing if the application requirements change.

Most Vision Appliances connect to two or more cameras. This provides excellent cost-savings in applications that require multiple views.

4. Communication Flexibility

Vision Appliances are well equipped to interface to discrete I/O, serial and TCP/IP, Ethernet/IP, Modbus and other standard industry protocols. Vision Appliances connect directly with a variety of PLCs, robots, motion controllers and other factory floor devices.

5. A Global Vision Partner

Vision Appliances are a product of DALSA Corporation, a global technology leader for the past 25 years. DALSA offers the widest range of machine vision components in the world and is supported in Australia and New Zealand by the leading machine vision supplier Adept Electronic Solutions.