6 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest in a Wheel Wash System

Supplier: AccuWeigh By: Bill Ambrose
01 October, 2015

There are many reasons why a business which operates a fleet of vehicles should invest in a wheel wash system.

The most obvious reason is the need for organisations to meet their legal obligations - which could be anything from biosecurity and quarantine requirements to the laws of the various state Environmental Protection Agencies which stipulate that trucks and other vehicles may not pollute public roadways.

Industries that are most at risk of vehicles depositing sediment onto public roads include the building, construction, quarrying, waste removal, agriculture, chemical, demolition, ready-mix concrete, landfill and mining industries.

This track-out includes soil, mud and stones, seeds and weeds and it is imperative that any build-up is completely cleared from the wheels and under-chassis of vehicles before they exit sites and drive onto sealed public roads or into any restricted areas.

In addition to the need for organisations to meet legislative requirements, there are several other important reasons why a wheel wash system can be hugely beneficial.

Prolongs the life of the vehicle

An accumulation of silt, mud and other suspended particles can damage a vehicle’s under body components as well as cause pitting of the vehicle’s paintwork.

Regular and thorough cleaning of a vehicle’s wheels and chassis will remove any potentially harmful build-up, thereby prolonging the life of the vehicle and protecting the organisation’s investment.

Helps avoid wheel balancing issues

A build up of mud and grime in a vehicle’s wheels can damage the hubcaps and cause problems with wheel balancing. Removing the dirt with a simple wheel washing system can save money and improve productivity over the life-time of the vehicle.

Defects can be picked up quickly and easily

If a vehicle is clean, it is far easier to identify problems and get them sorted out early.

Enhances the visual appeal of vehicles

A clean vehicle on the road, particularly when it is branded with an organisation’s logo and corporate identity, will create a favourable impression amongst the public - and especially amongst customers and staff.

A dirty vehicle will do just the opposite - so an investment in a wheel washing system can be a cost-effective way of building your brand and protecting your organisation’s reputation.

Environmentally friendly

Wheel washing systems, even heavy duty ones that handle hundreds of vehicles a day, can be designed to use recycled water - thereby protecting the environment.

Help prevent the spread of noxious weeds and pests

A wheel washing system can make a positive contribution to the country’s ongoing efforts to prevent the spread of noxious weeds and pests. Because any sediment or dirt is removed from the washer system during the cycle, it helps limit the spread of unwelcome material.

Clearly, there are numerous benefits to investing in a wheel washing system other than simply meeting legislative requirements -and if you are considering such a system, you should discuss your requirements with an experienced and well-known supplier of weighing and product inspection equipment.