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7 Answers to the Questions about ERP Software your CEO is sure to ask

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22 January, 2016

Do you want to impress your CEO with an out-of-the-box idea that will benefit the company you work for?

Then it is time to tell them about ERP software, which can be easily implemented within your company to assist it in running more efficiently. Before you try and sell the idea, your CEO is sure to have some hard questions. Here are answers to 7 of the most commonly asked questions about ERP software to help you explain. 

1. So, what is ERP software?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, and is a type of business management software that automates and integrates all your important business processes.

2. Sounds handy, what kind of processes?

Just imagine a software that can take care of your customer orders, scheduling, stock inventory records, human resources, financial data, and more. ERP software can take care of it all.

3. How does ERP software work?

The ERP software collates all your business information into a database, and allows all areas of the business to share information and communicate across departments in real time.

4. Will ERP software work for my business?

Every business is different, and that is the beauty of ERP software. An ERP solution can be custom-designed to fit any business needs. If a business chooses the Software as a Service (SaaS) or mobile ERP software models, the products you utilise can be scaled up or down depending on your business needs.

5. How does ERP software allow me to deliver a high level of service to my customers?

ERP software manages the data from one central location right across your business departments, allowing you to plan and schedule your business accordingly. In doing so, you never miss an inbound order, and all of your merchandise or services go out when they need to.

6. Can ERP software save my company money in the long term?

Definitely! Not only does ERP software keep your customers happy, ERP software allows you to accurately track your inventory, calculate your finances according to your business model, and keep track of all outstanding invoices. ERP software will also help you to cut down business overhead costs.

7. Will my company information be safe?

It is understandable to be concerned about the security of your data, however, ERP software protects your critical business data with strong security access.

Be prepared with answers to your CEO’s most pressing questions about ERP Software and, when your company starts to experience the benefits, you could find yourself next in line for that all-important promotion.

Why You Should Think About Changing Your ERP Software

Enterprise Resource Planning software, more commonly known as ERP software, has made a big difference to business operations around the world since it was introduced in the 1990s. As a technology-based business management software, the use of ERP software across a broad range of industries has grown considerably. This has become more obvious as the practical applications of the internet have become a major tool for running businesses globally. It is no surprise that as technology and business have converged and influenced each other, so has the way that businesses utilise ERP software changed. This is apparent in the way that businesses are embracing Software as a Service, otherwise known as SaaS.

What is SaaS?

Pronounced the same way as ‘sass’, SaaS is simply the same software you have always used, just delivered through the cloud. Do you remember when you used to have to physically update your software package by installing a disk? With majority of computers connected to the internet, SaaS is that very same software, just now you don’t have to physically insert the disk. Instead, you can find that same software on the internet, and with just a click of a button have it installed on your computer. This happens with just about every piece of software you can imagine, as software companies have seen the benefits that SaaS has over traditionally installed software.

How is SaaS beneficial to me?

SaaS is beneficial on two levels. Firstly, as a business when you utilise SaaS, you don’t have to go down to the shop, purchase the software you need, install it, use it until it becomes outdated, and then complete the process again. With SaaS, you generally pay a subscription to download your required software, and then when it needs to update, it will do so almost automatically (you just need to click yes).

Secondly, SaaS has financial benefits for both its distributor and the consumer. Instead of paying an upfront cost to purchase a particular software that you require for your business, you pay a monthly subscription to have access to the software including regular updates.

So, am I being encouraged to change my current ERP software?

You definitely don’t have to change your ERP software, however, changing to an ERP SaaS model has a host of benefits. If you have always used traditional ERP software, trialling a SaaS version could prove to be a better business decision in the long run.

If you haven't heard of ERP delivered with SaaS before, you could be missing out.

Why Your Business Should Consider Cloud ERP Software Solutions

There is no doubting the difference that using Enterprise Resource Planning software, or ERP software, has made to businesses. By automating and integrating core business processes, companies that utilise ERP software are much better able to address the challenges of running a business, including boosting productivity, reducing costs, managing customers and making smarter business decisions. In much the same way that ERP software has modernised business planning, so has cloud ERP solutions.

What is cloud ERP software?

Cloud ERP software utilises the very same ERP software, except without the need to maintain the entire IT infrastructure which is required to maintain ERP software. For a subscription fee, ERP software is hosted in the cloud, and provides features and applications that are not possible with standard ERP software.

What are the benefits of cloud ERP software over traditional delivery methods?

The advent of cloud computing technology has made it much easier for ERP software companies to provide ERP as a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. In doing so, businesses are not required to manage hardware or software updates. Cloud ERP software by nature greatly reduces capital expenditure and ongoing costs, and your employees have the ability to work anywhere, on any device. With businesses growing expeditiously and expanding interstate and overseas – and with more businesses relying on employees to work on a ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) scale – it has really become a necessity for businesses to implement cloud-based ERP software.

Consider cloud ERP software for your business

ERP software, supplied through the cloud, is ideal for lowering the overall costs of running ERP software including capital expenditure, overhead costs and the other wide range of costs traditional ERP software can incur. Being a cloud-based software, all the data integrated within your ERP is kept private and secure. However, you have the added ability to access it anywhere in the world, and to move your data if the need arises. With new innovations in ERP software every day, cloud ERP software gives you the added benefit of new and improved features and functions all the time. These new features and functions not only benefit your business, but the benefits are passed on to your customers too.

Cloud ERP software is proving to be a secure, cost-effective and flexible software option which can be easily accessed on high demand. Businesses are quickly discovering how implementing a cloud ERP software solution can give them the competitive edge in a fast-paced and modern business world.

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