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7 reasons you should host your CMMS in the cloud

Supplier: Maintenance Connection Australia By: Andrew Frahm
21 March, 2012

With so many business applications being hosted in the cloud, Google Apps, Account Software etc. Why are you not taking your CMMS application to the cloud as well?

First off what is cloud computing you may ask? Real cloud computing is where an application is accessed completely on the Internet, so nothing is installed locally on your computer. A great example of this is Google Docs, you can access your documents wherever you can get access to the internet, on any computer.

So why should you be using a cloud-based CMMS?

1. Lower IT costs:

By outsourcing the hosting of your CMMS, you reduce the workload of your IT team that allows them to focus on more business critical tasks.

2. Increased Accessibility:

Using a cloud-based CMMS, such as Maintenance Connection, will provide much greater accessibility throughout your organisation. Everyone from your maintenance team to the CEO will be able get access to your CMMS, whether it is to complete Works Orders or get reports to help with decision making, out in the field or the office.

3. Higher Server Uptime Guaranteed:

Most data centres will guarantee at least a 99% uptime, meaning you will have access to your data with minimal downtime.

4. Built for the Web:

Cloud-Based applications have been designed for the internet from the beginning and don’t have the legacy issues associated with traditional older CMMS with a bolt-on web component. Don't get caught with companies saying their CMMS is cloud-based when only the database is stored in the cloud and you still need an application installed on your computer to run the CMMS. These are usually web-enabled, not cloud-based applications.

5. Lower Upfront Cost:

By utilising the Software-as-a-Service model that most Cloud-Based applications provide, it significantly reduces the upfront cost of implementing a CMMS. You can pay a small monthly fee and be up and running within weeks.

6. Increased Security:

With cloud-based applications becoming so popular it has become so important for hosting companies to increase security. This will usually mean that hosting in the cloud is more secure than hosting internally.

7. Increased support:

When hosting internally it can sometimes be a little bit more difficult for the support team to get access, though not impossible. By hosting in the cloud with your CMMS vendor, the support team has instant access to your system and can usually provide much faster support.

Want to find out more about the benefits of a CMMS? Then click here to download your free copy of the 'Benefits of a CMMS'  whitepaper.

If you would like to speak to someone about upgrading your CMMS to a cloud-based solution, or just about upgrading your CMMS onsite please contact us.

Andrew Frahm is an Account Manager at Maintenance Connection Australia and together with the team at Maintenance Connection has over 10 years experience in implementing cloud-based CMMS into Manufacturing, Hotels, Education, and Oil & Gas/Mining organisations.