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8 & 16 Channel Digital Video Recorders

Supplier: Future Safe Security

FutureSafes Secure Series FutureSafe is proud to bring to you our Secure Series of 8 and 16 channel DVR's. They are designed for ease of use and security. Both models to ensure the successful management of data incorporates MPEG4 compression for excellent quality footage, which surpasses other technologies like Wavelett and Fractal compression. Check out these two models, than drop us a line so we can tailor make a system for you.

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8 & 16 Channel Digital Video Recorders


8 Channel MPEG4 DVR with DVD Burner & LAN access

Perfect for small to medium size premises such as chemist shops, service stations and small pubs etc.

FutureSafe brought ease of use to high tech with the 8 channel Linix based Digital Video Recorder comes standard with a 200GB hard drive which is upgradable and a DVD burner this system is a extremely stable platform and does not require any staff interaction our highly trained technicians will set the system for your trading hours eg: 8am to 12am than after those hours it will switch automatically to motion recording meaning if movement occurs in the cameras field of view the system will start recording.

The system has 4 separate motion trigger areas per camera which means you can select different areas of the the picture to trigger recording in the event of movement outside your normal recording hours, it also would be capable of broadcasting to a website or remote viewing from anywhere in the world backed up by 8 cameras placed throughout the premises this will provide comprehensive security for years to come.

This system is very reliable and easy to use the interface is operated with a mouse and is as simple as point & click.



16 Channel MPEG4 DVR with DVD Burner & LAN access

FutureSafe is proud to bring to you our 16 channel models. It is designed for larger pubs, hotels, supermarkets and office buildings if you require more than 16 cameras than we would usually tailor make a system for your exact requirements.

FutureSafe's Secure16 is Linix based has much the same specs as the extreme8 but comes with a 300Gb hard drive as standard which is upgradeable and has 16 channels for up to 16 cameras.

Key Benefits

  • Password Protected
  • Safety for staff and customers
  • High Stability & Reliability
  • No Staff Interaction or Maintenance
  • LAN access for offsite Viewing from anywhere in the world
  • DVD Burner  for easy copy of video
  • USB ports 
  • Extremely High Quality Recording
  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Full Triplex function ability, Simultaneous record, playback and data transmission
  • MPEG4 Compression 
  • Up to 200fps recording
  • Able to print pictures from footage