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A Class Metal Finishers

A Class Metal Finishers | Plating & Metal Polishing

A Class Metal Finishers

Top Quality Plating and Polishing for Manufacturers and Restorers Who Expect the Best.

SOME of our services for Manufacturers, Innovators and Engineers include: Chrome plating, Gold Plating, Nickel Plating, Satin Finishes, Electroless Nickel Plating, Tin & Copper Plating, Plating on Plastics, Silver Plating, Barrel Plating, Rack Plating, Painting and Lacquering, Cleaning and Pickling.

SOME of our services for Restorers and the Public include Restoration or Refurbishment of: Car and Motorcycle Chrome, Wheels, Bumpers and Trim, Silverware and goldware, Tapware and hardware, Jewellery, Musical instruments, Church Altar ware, Boat and Marine parts, Trophies, medals and regalia, Saddlery fittings, Brassware, Trinkets and more. Special services include chrome plating or re-chrome of plastic parts and zinc die cast parts as well as colour metallic spray finishes.

One of the largest and most diverse surface coating and finishing ‘job shops’ in Australia, A-Class Metal Finishers (A-Class), supports manufacturers and engineering shops across the country with their needs for high quality surface finishing for a range of products and items.

A Class Metal Finishers has capabilities in surface treatments and coatings for many substrate types e.g. steel, alloys, aluminium, brass, stainless, ABS plastics and more. Finishes can include ‘functional’ coatings to provide corrosion resistance, hardness, improved conductivity or surface performance (e.g. tin, electroless nickel, high purity silver & gold plating, chemical cleaning, de-burring, passivation, etc). Decorative coatings / platings are also available (e.g. chrome, gold, nickel, silver, satin finishes, etc). Treatments are provided for many product types including tapware, antennas, tools & dies, hardware, lighting, electrical & electronics, wheels, and many other items. Extensive surface preparation and polishing services also support the high quality outcomes achieved.

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- A Class Metal Finishers is an innovator of surface finishing solutions and is continually expanding and improving our range of polishing and plating services.

- A computerised job tracking and bar code scanning system underpins our quality control procedures, making it easy to track, control and prioritise the large volumes of work travelling through our plating and polishing plants.

- We have an excellent reputation throughout the surface finishing industry. Customers say our quality is our edge. (References can be provided).

- Supplier to Advanced Manufacturing companies and Engineers

- Supplier to Defence, Aerospace and Mining Industries

- Recognised as an innovative and successful company, that has earned recognition in several business awards.

- Easy to deal with, flexible. Utmost attention to quality.

- On-site Laboratory capable of testing both the processing solutions and the plated coatings.

- Quality Assured to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000.

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