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A Frozen Tale

Supplier: APC Storage Solutions
14 March, 2007

All the fresh food you enjoyed over the Christmas break at home or your favourite restaurant probably passed through a distribution centre like Carrington Rise before landing on your plate.

Attadale Seafoods began as a family business in 1972, selling locally sourced and imported frozen seafood. Rapid expansion and the nature of food storage meant space limitations were an issue from the start. By 1976 the company had tripled in size and saw the acquisition of property for the development of freezer & dry store facilities. The new 2000m2 facility saw contracts for supply to supermarkets and the ramping up of distribution. Attadale Seafood was the first company to distribute McCain’s products in Western Australia, along with a host of other quality imported dry and frozen foods. As the company began importing food from all over the globe, their new space quickly became too small and it was decided to change the trading name to Everest Food Service.

Three decades on, Everest Food Service is developing 20,000m2 of land for their ‘Carrington Rise’ distribution, storage, logistics and retail facility. Stage 1 consists of a complex incorporating controlled temperature, dry store and bulk retail warehouses. Having been afflicted with a lack of storage space for 30 years, the company was keen to make the most of their newly acquired expanses of land.

The relatively expensive process of keeping 4200m3 at 25ºC below zero meant the freezer facility would require an especially efficient storage solution. High pallet density was the key to attaining maximum capacity in the freezer, whilst retaining excellent selectivity. The food industry is typified by rapid order turn-around and seasonal stock swings, creating both unpredictable SKU (stock keeping unit) quantities and access requirements, all within a below freezing environment.

APC have years of experience in consulting and providing their clients with the best storage solutions for their needs and this job was to be no different.

The design concept for part of Stage One of the Carrington Rise Development was to opt for the increasing trend of bulk warehouse shopping areas. This concept aims to provide a functional retail space with pallet racking situated directly above to make the most of the warehouse’s roof space for product storage.

With the use of the traditionally industrial product ‘Selective Pallet Racking’ in combination with retail shelving, APC were able to create a space that provided a customer friendly shopping experience whilst also meeting some of Everest Food Service’s further operational needs.

Some of these requirements being;

1. Allowing clients to pick goods as required at a height that is OH&S friendly, easily accessible and maintains good traffic flow.
2. Minimise time required to access SKU and replenish stock.
3. Retain aesthetic appeal with a combination of white melamine sheets inserted into stepped blue beams.

Everything was considered down to the finer details, including louvre panels & plastic bins – the smart solution to small parts retail binning.

However the biggest component of Stage One of the Carrington Rise Development was to meet the clients’ specific storage requirements in the freezer and chiller rooms.
It was essential to maximise the customers’ pallet storage capacity within these areas to provide optimum energy efficiency without compromising accessibility and the answer to their needs was simple. ‘Double Deep Pallet Racking’ provided the client with the perfect mix between pallet density and pallet selectivity.

The key to a developing successful distribution centre is a solid foundation planning phase followed by professional and efficient implementation. APC Storage Solutions was able to provide an ideal design layout, backed by top quality Australian manufacturing and a professional project management team.

With Stage One of the Carrington Rise Development completed and operational, Everest Food Service is now reaping the benefits of a well designed, manufactured and installed storage solution that has completely met their needs and will continue to do so for many years to come.