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A maintenance free way to reduce the inside temperature

Supplier: Silo Ventilation Systems
10 November, 2010

It's easy to reduce the inside temperature and humidity without any maintenance costs.

Functions of a Silo Vent

•Silo Vent is a low cost and maintenance free way to effectively reduce the inside temperature and humidity from your silos, stored with grain or legumes.

•The solar powered fan in conjunction with the silo ventilator is an energy efficient system which creates a venturi effect drawing out the unwanted heat and humidity and allowing fresh air to circulate while stabilising the internal temperature of the stored grain. This can then lead to a reduced optimum breeding environment and temperature for possible insect infestation. Chemical applied to stored grain could be reduced, however proper stored grain handling management stills needs to be undertaken.

•The Silo Vent is best located on the silo cap or lid at the top of the silo. The unit is attached to the lid as a fixture and when filling silo, tilt or slide the lid to one side as normal, allowing the unit to rest on the silo roof, out of the grain augers way.

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