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A pool cover that you can walk on

Supplier: Allplastics Engineering By: Allplastics
06 July, 2017

Making use of that space when it's too cold to swim.

The Allplastics Architectural and Building division provided SAAJ Design in Melbourne for a creative application, where scratch resistant, anti-slip, translucent lightweight STAGE 40 Pep Core panels were supplied to the designer.

Considering the rising value of land, this project sought ways in which external spaces could have multiple functions. In Melbourne, the use of a pool is reduced to the warmer months of late spring to Autumn. What can be done with this space for the other six months of the year?

Our solution was to form the edge of this pool with a profile to accept aluminium, coloured joists which span full width. Stored in a pool equipment enclosure, 2.0m x 1.0m STAGE 40 panels from Allplastics (typically used for Rock stage platforms) span across the joists and 'floor' of the pool. Along with the perimeter terrace and via two ¼ of a tonne steel glass 'gates,' the pavilion connects to the pool creating an open floor plate some 14m long x 9.0m wide. Over the pool a trafficable platform is created having multiple possibilities during the non-swimming season (parties, mini tennis, mini basketball, junior bike riding, etc). Hence, the typical suburban 'lawn' has been recreated as a moveable platform over a pool.

The translucent flooring is available in standard panel sizes of 2m x 1m x 40mm thick, and can be easily lifted by one person. With LED lighting beneath, you can achieve amazing ambience. STAGE 40 panels will support 500 kg/m2.