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A Safe Decision by 'Safe Manufacturer'

Supplier: DYE Machinery (Australia) Ltd
18 February, 2009

API Manufacturing recognised as Australia’s largest and most experienced provider of Safes, Vaults, Cash Management Systems, Bullet Resistant and Perimeter Security, Locksmithing and Architectural Hardware Solutions, a bottleneck caused by existing folding equipment saw lengthened production lead times.

Based in Taree, the Manufacturing Division of API comprises of two plant facilities with a combined floor space of over 30,000 sq ft, one equipped with modern production equipment along with the recently purchased Dye NGX series Synchronised pressbrake and the second a state of the art electronics assembly facility.

Unlike other security companies operating in Australia, API undertakes the design, engineering and manufacturing of safes, vaults, cash management systems, barrier and anti-ballistic and specialised security products and proudly boasts ‘Australian Made’.

API Security took delivery of their much anticipated Dye NGX 170 tonne x 3m CNC pressbrake. After a considerable amount of consultation both internally and externally it became clear that the Dye offered more value than its nearest European competitor. “When we compared various pressbrakes on spec’s and functionality the Dye came out on top with faster travels, extra capacities such as widths and depths, generous throat size, together with a superior design and finish and rigidity all made the recommendation an easy one” says John Roetman API Production Manager. “We had this machine built specifically for our requirements and with much consultation with Dye Machinery I am happy to say we got exactly what we needed and asked for”.

“We were struggling with our old folding machine and continual breakdowns of this machine meant constant  schedule delays and reworking of our products and additional time spent trying to make items fit prior to fabrication and assembly, a frustration many of the staff had experienced at all levels”. “Now that we are up and running with our new Dye we are more efficient and productive, reworking is down to a minimum and the quality of our workmanship has improved”.

Being a specialist from initial concept design, through to assembly and testing of finished product in a purpose built air-conditioned, dust free, anti-static environment, API’s highly skilled workforce utilises the latest 3D computer modelling, CAD/CAM processes, production and fabrication tools on every product they make. “At API, we don’t just sell security products. We research, develop, design, install and manage customer specific security solutions. These solutions range from securing staff, assets, building and site perimeters, providing locksmithing services, door hardware and fittings, installing anti-ballistic glass and panels, to counting, reconciling and safely storing cash. We can even provide extensive multi-site systems that communicate electronically to Australia’s largest banks”.

 “We are an industry-leading manufacturer of security products and we aim to maintain that status” quotes John. “We are continually testing and re-testing each and every product throughout every stage of the process, to ensure the end result passes our strict quality assurance standards to ensure that the end result meets and exceeds our customer’s expectations.”

Technological innovations like these have seen API recognised as a world leader in the security business.



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