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A simple way to prevent contamination in hydraulic systems

Supplier: CKC Equipment By: Wesley Kington
24 June, 2013

System contamination has been a huge problem for the hydraulics industry for many decades.

Engineers and other maintenance personnel have constantly struggled to keep their systems free of contaminants to prevent clogs and wear and tear on equipment.

The presence of any contaminants can drastically reduce the service life of components such as cylinders and pumps, as well as any control which lies within the system.

In order to prevent this from happening, a simple tool called the FlangeLock can be attached in a matter of seconds, enabling a hydraulic system to be kept free of contaminants, whilst also ensuring a safe workplace and being good for the environment.

"Attaching the FlangeLock is a very simple process," Tim Stratford-Smith, owner of CKC Civil Construction Equipment told IndustrySearch.

"Once the hose with a SAE- or CAT-style flange connector has been removed from the manifold, you simply slide the FlangeLock on and screw it up tight with one hand, making it take literally seconds to attach with no tools required."

Where once, engineers and maintenance personnel relied on such band-aid solutions as plastic caps and rags to seal hoses, the FlangeLock represents a step forward in contamination control.

"It's a major improvement," Tim said.

"Plastic caps can be clipped onto the ends of hoses, but they can easily fall or get knocked off. Other devices exist, but require spanners and other tools to install."

Tim explained that the FlangeLock tool prevents hydraulic system contamination by "sealing" it off from the outside environment.

"Once the hydraulic hose has been removed for servicing, installation or whatever maintenance procedure it is you're carrying out, you can put the FlangeLock tool onto the hose, then regardless of whether the hose falls in the dirt or gets thrown onto the back of a truck it cannot get contaminated," he said.

This act of sealing off the hose also makes the FlangeLock an environmentally friendly industrial tool, whilst also enabling a safer workplace environment.

"The FlangeLock tool stops hydraulic hoses from dripping, so instead of having fluid oozing out and then contaminating the earth or environment where you're working, instead it's contained," Tim said.

"Also since the FlangeLock prevents hydraulic fluid from dripping onto the floor, personnel can feel safe walking around as they won't be prone to slipping from system leakages, and by doing so, injuring themselves."

CKC Civil Construction Equipment design and supply equipment aimed at improving safety on worksites and are the Australian and New Zealand distributors of the FlangeLock tool.

Flangelock demonstration