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A sound solution to construction noise

Supplier: Flexshield
07 January, 2016

Construction noise is one of the most common sources of noise pollution in Australia. The noise levels generated from vehicles, tools and machinery can be very high, and are not only harmful to the workers, but they can be very disruptive to the surrounding environment and residents.

The government has stipulated certain noise limits that must be adhered to, or construction companies can face prosecution and legal action. Recently there have been instances where construction works have been forced to cease until noise issues are resolved. This comes at massive time and monetary costs to the company.

Construction companies need an affordable and effective solution to excess noise so they can maintain unhindered works without the risk of fines and downtime.

The Solution

Construction company Rainbow Group were facing excess noise issues on a recent job. The works were being undertaken directly opposite to residential houses, and night works were particularly disruptive to the residents.

Rainbow Group contacted Flexshield for assistance with solving the challenge, and hired 6 Sonic Soundproof blankets (or Acoustic Curtains) for use throughout the construction period. The noise was coming from a site generator, and the Acoustic Curtains were hung to the site construction fence to form an Acoustic Enclosure around the generator.

Acoustic Curtains combine sound absorptive and sound barrier technologies into the one highly effective, lightweight noise control product. Rainbow Group experienced excellent results from the installation of the Soundproof Blankets. One representative from the company commented:

"The SONIC Soundproof blankets provided by Flexshield minimised the noise from our site generator substantially and helped to reduce intrusive noise to the local community, particularly during night works as we were working directly opposite to residential houses. The curtains were easily mounted to the site construction fence to form an 'acoustic enclosure' around the generator. Flexshield were very friendly and professional to work with, and the SONIC Soundproof blankets offer a quick and affordable solution to reducing noise."

Moving Forward

Construction companies face noise challenges every day. It is of utmost importance that companies comply with legislative noise requirements and cause minimal impact on the surrounding environment and residents.

Flexshield's Acoustic Curtains are NATA accredited for their sound absorption and attenuation properties - full test results are available if required. They are the ideal solution to construction noise and are available for purchase, or for hire as and when needed.

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