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10 Mar 2021

Remote monitoring specialist Omniflex relaunches its highly anticipated newsletter, What's New from Omniflex

Industrial remote monitoring specialist, Omniflex, has begun 2021 with a bang thanks to the relaunch of its valued email newsletter, What’s New from Omniflex. More tailored than ever before, Omniflex is calling for its existing subscribers, plus those interested in receiving the newsletter, to register their preferences on the website today to ensure they receive the most relevant information.

Providing a huge variety of remote monitoring solutions, including cathodic protection, tank monitoring, radiological surveillance and alarms and events management, the news and opinion that Omniflex shares through its newsletter can be completely different week to week. To help its audience stay up to date with the latest advancements in their field, Omniflex has tailored its newsletter for its different customer groups.

“We’ve always found it difficult explaining what it is we provide, because our product and service offering is so varied,” explained Gary Bradshaw, director at Omniflex. “One week, we could be developing a cathodic protection system for a large structure in Australia, the next we could be upgrading an alarm system at a nuclear site in the UK. As a result, we’ve always taken great care to ensure that any communication we have with customers is suited to them and their field.

What’s New at Omniflex isn’t just about us. It’s about the interesting projects that we get to work on throughout the year and, importantly, the major issues that our customers regularly face. We’ve been working in this field for almost 60 years — as a result, the technical know-how that we can provide is extremely useful to our audience.”

Recently, Omniflex has been working with the University of Oxford to develop an SMS alert system to monitor the freezers in which it stored COVID-19 samples while developing its vaccine. The company has also partnered with fragrance giant, Givaudan, to strengthen its safety critical alarm systems at its Kent facility.

Those interested can visit the Omniflex website to register to receive the newsletter and to specify their preferences.