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A word from the Managing Director - Newsletter Issue 10

Supplier: Jeff Hort Engineering By: Jeff Hort
18 December, 2009

Albert Einstein once said that in the middle of every difficulty, lies opportunity. Never a truer word has been said.

The end of this financial year is a special time for all of us that are responsible for closing out the year, reflecting on the year just gone and developing business plans for the next one to five years.

Looking back, to enable us to look forward is a rewarding experience for those of us that have the opportunity to plan. At Jeff Hort Engineering the management team has been busy developing our future Business Plan.

Together we have reviewed our income generating capability and done some crystal ball gazing. We have taken actions to reduce our operating costs wherever we can.

The most important thing for us is to protect our workforce from the ravages of the present economic climate; we have agreed to do it a bit tougher where possible and tighten our belts to affect this outcome.

Much work is being done to improve our systems and processes to gain improved control over our costs.

Testing and measuring everything we do is helping us to perform better. Re-organization of our Edward St Workshop is proceeding well and we are now operating two shifts per day.

This enhances our customer response time for urgent work and to carry out steel fabrication with improved efficiencies with reduced material handling.

After 13 years the wear resistant materials division in Kenna St (where we originated from) has been relocated to Clergate Road. This facility has a heated floor and will greatly enhance our ability to meet the stringent quality standards that we have set for rubber and ceramic lining work. Controlling the ambient temperature gives us control over the important atmospherics such as dew point, reducing curing time for steel primers and the adhesives used in the rubber lining process.

We have recently restructured the organisation to maximize our individual strengths and minimize our weaknesses. Who of us hasn’t been involved in this process before? Is there anything new in the world? Not really. Doing so has had a marked effect on our processes.

Change is not easy we have done these things with the best intent for the betterment of the company and to better service you our customers and suppliers.

Have we got it all right? Probably not, but it has resulted in operational improvements, that will impact positively on our business performance.

We have taken further progressive steps toward the construction of the company’s proposed new Heavy Engineering Workshop.

The design is now complete. Council is reviewing our modified DA to construct the workshop in 3 stages. Lucas Stewart has been retained as Project Manager to tender and provide fixed budget costs and construct stage 1. This stage includes all of the earthworks, footings and the entire infrastructure for the next 2 stages. The new workshop will be located on the company’s Clergate Road land just north of the new Orange Northern Bypass.

Finance is pending on final project costs, so there is still some way to go before we can say it’s a goer.