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Able Protective Coatings

Able Protective Coatings | High Pressure Cleaning Services

Able Protective Coatings

In business for last 20 years, Able Protective Coatings & Sealers is centrally located at Ocean Reef, WA. One of the leading business, specialized for high pressure cleaning, sealing of pavers and as well as concrete grinding and honing. Able Protective Coatings & Sealers can be your best choice for these services. And even if you are looking for services like Graffiti removal, building wash down, sealing and color change then you'll recieve the best services. We pride on our staffs friendly nature and precision in our work. Call us and experience our excellent service.

We specialise in concrete grinding & honing, stone polishing, paver sealing & floor coating and waterproofing. If your existing surfaces are in need of a makeover then I have the equipment to restore these to their former glory. Alternatively you may be installing new products which require a particular effect or for their long term protection.

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Remember us for high pressure cleaning service, concrete resurfacing, concrete grinding, honing, concrete polishing, painting, paver sealing and epoxy.

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