Abrasion Resistant Polycarbonate At State Library Reading Room

Supplier: Allplastics Engineering
10 May, 2020

The State Library of NSW is one of the great libraries of the world, with a history dating back to 1826.

The Library welcomes everyone – it’s inspiring spaces, rich collections, galleries and cultural and learning programs are open to all.

The iconic Mitchell Library reading room is a beautiful, light filled space allowing readers to enjoy the atmosphere while collaborating on projects, research or studying.

The management of the Library holds events at certain times of the year. Previously glass barriers were used to segregate the reading room.

These were heavy and difficult to move as well as being a hazard due to breakage.

Allplastics Engineering recommended Abrasion Resistant 12.7mm Thick Clear Polycarbonate Panels which were cut to size for the special requirements of the library.

Allplastics offers Clear Polycarbonate sheets with a special coating which has a highly Abrasion Resistant surface on both sides that almost approaches glass in performance.

With enhanced UV resistance to protect against yellowing and hazing Abrasion Resistant Polycarbonate the perfect choice for a high profile glazing project.

The unbreakable feature and Abrasion Resistance combined makes these Clear Panels the ideal choice for flat security glazing for police stations, hospitals, anti-vandal viewing panes in transport stations and public venues.