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Absolute Fasteners | Industrial Latches, Handles & Security Screws

Absolute Fasteners

Absolute Fasteners is a Melbourne based business which is a specialist supplier of industrial latches, handles, security screws and general hardware.

Absolute Fasteners sells the PROTEX range of Fasteners in Light Duty, Medium Duty, Heavy Duty, in Spring Claw, Rigid, and Adjustable, ProLatch, Junior ProLatch and CatchBolt Series, Handles, Case Fittings, Flush Latches, BandClamps and General Closure Systems, in Stainless Steel G304, G316, Mild Steel Zinc Plated and Yellow Passivated. Black Powder Coated finish is also available on some items.

Absolute Fasteners sells the PROLOK range of Security Screws available in G304/G316 Stainless Steel offered with various head styles and security tooling options.
Such as: 2 Hole Security, Pin Hex, Resytork, Clutch Head, Sentinel, Oval Pan Head, Torxplus,Tri-Lobular, Quadtech, Uni-Set, Pentaforce, Kinmar, Shear Nuts, Pyranut Security Nuts, Slab Tee Nuts, Trident Nuts, Armour Rings, Nogo Security enclaosures, Scroll Nuts, 4-Hole Nuts, Security Sleeve Anchors, Security Tooling and Made to Measure Specials. Security Screws for Licence Plates/Number Plates.

Absolute Fasteners sells the PROLNX range of Security Screws, available in G304/G316 Stainless Steel as Countersunk Self Tappers, Pan Head Self Tappers, Pan Head Self Drillers and Bi-Metal Decking Screws.

Absolute Fasteners sells the WHIRLWIND range of Screws, available in G304/G316 Stainless Steel as Countersunk Self Tappers, Pan Head Self Tappers, Countersunk Trim Head Type 17 Decking Screws and Driver Selections.

Absolute Fasteners is also a supplier of general Holesaws and also Holesaws for specialist applications.
Some of the brands we offer are: Evacut (A Division of Sutton), Gamflex, Irwin, Lancaster and Sutton. We sell Machine Drills, Holesaws, Burrs, Clamping Tools, etc., in the above names.

Absolute Fasteners also sell, Stainless Steel, G304/G316, Balastrade Fittings, Decking Screws, Screws, Nuts, Washers and a complete range of commercial Rivets.

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Absolute Fasteners has been in business since September 2000.
Reasons why people choose Absolute Fasteners:
Excellent and personalised service which is second to none.
Technical experience and expertise.
No enquiry too small to respond to.
Current supplier to Government Departments, Department of Defence and Aeronautical Groups.
We can also assist with research and development projects.

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