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Absolute Vacuum Services Ltd

Absolute Vacuum Services Ltd | Dry and Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

Absolute Vacuum Services Ltd

Absolute Vacuum Services Ltd New Zealand - your independent high vacuum specialists. We can satisfy all of your requirements for high vacuum pumps, scientific equipment, refrigeration and industrial vacuum pumps New Zealand wide.

AVS are official master distributors of all Edwards vacuum equipment and are Edwards approved service agents. Specializing in the service and global sourcing of vacuum pumps and spares from all the major high vacuum manufacturers worldwide.

AVS Ltd Offer:

• Supply new vacuum pumps and associated vacuum equipment and vacuum fittings
• Vacuum pump NZ installations
• Custom designed vacuum systems
• Scheduled pump maintenance service
• Vacuum pump repairs and all associated equipment
• Hire pumps to ensure your business can operate at optimal performance.
• Supply leak detector units
• Leak detector repairs and preventative maintenance
• Helium leak detection service to find minute leaks saving you time and money
• Re-evacuation of liquid nitrogen vacuum lines and dewars (LN2 VI Lines) and we re-evacuate vacuum insulated transfer lines, Taylor-Wharton liquid cylinders, Wessington Cryogenics and other cryogenics vessels and tanks
• Gauge calibrations to all types of vacuum gauges using a McLeod TD2 reference gauge, which is calibrated to the UK National Physical Laboratory Standards for all your ISO9000 requirements.

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Being based close to the heart of Auckland's industrial center, we are easily accessible, very competitive offering all our customers a full 24 hour mobile call out service New Zealand wide.

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