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Access Control Software | LiNC-ID

Supplier: Chase Security Solutions

Access Control Software, LiNC-ID, a totally integrated video badging system. Using the power of LiNC-NET for Windows,the LiNC-ID system can capture or import photographs,signatures and fingerprints

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Access Control Software | LiNC-ID

Introducing LiNC-ID , a totally integrated video badging system. Using the power of LiNC-NET® for Windows®, the LiNC-ID system can capture or import photographs, signatures and fingerprints. These images are stored in an on-line database, which associates the images with cardholder information.

Design Unlimited ID Templates

LiNC-ID lets users design any number of professional looking, full color ID templates. Eye-catching graphics can be imported as card backgrounds, and designs can be personalized with your organization’s logo.

Your templates can be linked to information and photographs maintained in your cardholder database. Even if you’re not a design professional, you’ll get superb results in minutes with LiNC-ID.

Professional Quality Card Design Made Quick and Easy

LiNC-ID allows you to design your own professional looking IDs in minutes. Featuring an intuitive user interface and easy to use toolbar buttons, LiNC-ID gives you complete control over every object in your design.

You will truly appreciate the simplicity with which you can create, size and place shapes, static and dynamic text photographs, signatures and fingerprints. Choose from a wide variety of colours or create your own ink embedded graphics from other applications.

You can also liven up your card format by using the companion Corel Photo® CD background images, or create your own with CorelDraw® or CorelPhoto-Paint®.

Photo Trace

Select Photo-Trace in the LiNC-ID system and the photo stored in the card record file automatically pops up. Photo Trace is selectable in three different modes: 1) Invalid card read 2) Valid card read 3) Valid card read with operator required door release

Single Database For Cardholders

LiNC-ID integrates seamlessly with LiNC-NET to create a single database that stores all cardholders information, rather than requiring an additional database for photographs like other systems. Information can be imported from other ODBC data sources.

Print ID Cards

If you can print a document from a word processor, then you can print ID badges. LiNC-ID automatically merges your cardholder data and ID templates at print time to produce beautiful, full colour photo ID cards.

You can print ‘on the fly’ or in batches later, whichever is most convenient for you. LiNC-ID supports any Windows compatible printer – from inexpensive colour inkjets to PVC printers with internal magstripe encoding modules. No matter which technology is right for you, LiNC-ID delivers.

General Features

  • Runs on all LiNC-NET for Windows platforms
  • Includes complete card design and cardholder database modules
  • Includes full database importing, maintenance, and support utilities
  • Captures photos using any VFW or TWAIN digital camera, video camera, or scanner
  • Supports any Windows-compatible card, video or document printer – with or without magstripe encoders
  • Secures system access with multiuser, password-protected operator accounts
  • Searches for and sorts database records
  • Prints IDs individually or in batches
  • Prints on both sides of card (duplex printing); prints multiple cards per sheet
  • Bar code, magstripe encoding
  • Fingerprint or signatures

System Requirements

  • Pentium® processor
  • CD-ROM drive
  • 256 MB RAM recommended
  • 50 MB free space for application; approx. 15 Kb per database record; 5MB temporary storage
  • 256 colour or higher SVGA graphics adapter (16-bit recommended)
  • SVGA Colour monitor, with 800 x 600 screen resolution
  • Mouse


  • Frame or video grabber board. Must be compatible with Video for Windows or TWAIN, and also with the SVGA card.