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Access Control Software | Standalone IP Based System

Supplier: H & H Security

The new H&H Security Access Control Solution utilises standard TCP/IP connectivity, allowing multiple host PCs to communicate with the access control system.

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Using TCP/IP allows the SIS access control system to be highly scaleable. The only limit to the number of PCs that can used within a single access control site is the number of free IP addresses available on your network.

Operating automatically to control entry, egress, and door status monitoring while the door contacts are armed, electronic access control can protect the contents of a room and electronically control who has access to it.

Doors can also be easily set to annunciate if held open too long or if forced open.

Easily Add Change and Remove Access Control Users and Cards

Access to doors and areas can be easily granted, or removed using the Edit User Form, within the Access Control Software.

Doors are labelled using plain English, and can be enabled by simply ticking a door to enable, and un checking a door to disable access.

Furthermore, users can be deleted from the system by simply pressing the delete button, completely removing all access to the system for the specified user.

New Prox Cards and users can be added by simply swiping a new prox card at a nearby prox reader, and saving the user details.

Detailed Access Control Logs available at your fingertips

Every Access Control Event, such as access granted or denied, door forced open, alarm events, programming changes, and power loss, is constantly logged and is always available from the access control software.

Doors, Users, and Areas are labelled using easy to understand, plain English.

Access Control Logs can also be exported to any number of formats including, Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat PDF, Comma Delimited, or Rich Text.

Automatically open doors and gates based on timer and calender events

Doors and gates such as public entry areas, car parks, and lifts can be held open during daylight or business hours, and automatically closed for after hour periods.

Separate schedules can be configured for weekends and public holidays, allowing controlled access to public areas, when you want.

After Hours Access can be granted to authorised card holders, with the ability to further restrict access for any number of users.