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Accumulator | EBV

Supplier: OLAER Group

Accumulator, EBV is composed of a forged or welded steel body, an elastomer bladder compatible with a large number of fluids and a steel strainer.

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Accumulator | EBV

Eliminating the need for large hydraulic pumps and electric motors. An accumulator in the system ensures the correct volume of oil at the correct working pressure, even in emergency situations and compensates for variations in leakage and temperature, dampens pressure and flow pulsations, maintains system pressure when the hydraulic pump is switched off and provides hydraulic suspension.

As the oldest manufacturer of hydraulic accumulators, OLAER provides a full range of bladder accumulators, membrane accumulators and piston accumulators. They can be used in a wide range of applications such as energy storage, pulsation dampening or surge alleviation.

The OLAER group has a very strong presence in highly requiring industries, such as Aerospace, Nuclear or Armament.

Due to its profile, the strategically shaped bladder deforms in 3 lobes such that the accumulator can absorb and dampen  pressure peaks

Your Benefits

  • For flows greater than 130 m3/h in the networks, the EBV accumulator absorbs overpressures and compensates for pressure reductions generated by fast valve closures.

For example:

  • Lead free gasoline network
    • Maximum network pressure = 10 bar
    • Feed : three 130 m3/h pumps at 4 bar
    • Valve closure in 3 s.

Results :

  • Without accumulator
    • Pmin = - 1 bar
    • Pmax = 14 bar
  •  With EBV accumulator 100-40/90 01180
    • Pmin = 2.5 bar
    • Pmax = 8 bar

When starting pumps on a pressurized network, the overpressure generated by “putting the fluid mass into circulation” is compensated by the EBV accumulator.

The EBV and ELG accumulator ranges are conform with the new EC regulations.

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