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Accurate digital prototyping minimises communication errors

Supplier: Redstack
01 March, 2016

Andrew Rogers Industrial Design (ARID) utilises 3D modelling technology to refine its design-to-manufacture process and reduce errors when communicating between its Adelaide workshop and Chinese manufacturers.

The Customer

Established in 1988, Andrew Rogers Industrial Design (ARID) provides product design services for the manufacturing industry in Australia as well as a growing number of international customers. ARID offers a range of services including product design and commercialisation, graphic design, prototyping and short run production. Past clients have required the design of products as diverse as evaporative air conditioners, Surgical microscope, a digital electronic thermostat and electric forklift truck. The company has recently opened an international design office in China due to increasing business opportunities and collaboration with manufacturers in the region.

The Challenge

With work increasing in the Chinese market, ARID wanted to utilise 3D modelling technology to ensure file compatibility and minimise communication errors between its workshop in Adelaide and Chinese manufacturers.

Desired Outcome

ARID’s long-term vision is to expand its customer base in the Asian market, allowing the company to increase the quality of the products it has made in China to meet the quality standards and expectations of the Australian market. Expanding the company’s work in China meant owner, Andrew Rogers, was keen to ensure effective communication between the different offices as well as speeding up the time to market for his clients.

The Solution

Staff at IMAGINiT Technologies, many of whom have worked in the engineering industry, worked with ARID to understand its business goals, its processes and workflow in order to provide a tailored solution for the organisation. IMAGINiT introduced a suite of software to ARID, including Autodesk® Inventor™ and 3ds Max®, allowing detailed digital prototyping to ensure a smooth transition from initial concept to working product.

"Digital prototyping is so accurate it allows you to test the product before making the physical prototype. As a designer, the tools we have now give us the freedom to imagine a lot more than we were able to before. I can take an idea, I can go from a sketch to a computer model to a prototype into production in a fraction of the time that it would have taken before," said Andrew.

Actual Results

IMAGINiT Technologies helped ARID to refine its design-to-manufacture process by providing the software it needed to produce accurate digital prototypes and reduce errors when communicating across language barriers. 

"Our CAD software has become a communication tool. I can give all the CAD data to our manufacturers in China and the data is so exact that I can be much more confident that the prototype will work than I could previously have been using drawings which are open to interpretation," said Andrew.

"Using 3D modelling we can test the product before we get a prototype made. I can see all sides of a 3D model, but you can’t do that with steel. That is just fantastic. Digital prototypes are so accurate our clients feel they instantly get a machine they can use and sell.

"Knowing people at IMAGINiT have worked in the industry really helps and the training and support they have provided has been great, especially the updates about new products, features and abilities. Having the support system there is fantastic, as is being able to discuss things with someone and knowing there is always someone at IMAGINiT who can answer your question."