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AccuWeigh | Weighbridges, Weighing Scales, Inspection Equipment


Accuweigh is Australia's largest supplier of weighing and product inspection equipment, with branches in all mainland states.

Our industrial weighing solutions include all types of weighbridges, including truck scales, WIM weighbridges, shipping container scales, wheel weighers, axle weigh pads along with weighbridge software. We also offer wheel wash systems for sale or hire.

We also offer a wide range of weighing scales, including heavy industrial scales, pallet scale and floor scales, trade approved scales, hazardous area scales, load cells, digital weight indicators and remote displays, batching controllers, weigh feeders, animal scales, retail, shop and postal scales.

Our product inspection systems include checkweighers, metal detection equipment for foods, x-ray product inspection systems and product inspection software.

No other Australian company has the capabilities, experience or the resources to better cater for the local market's needs in such a diverse range of associated products.

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Accuweigh provides the right product or service solution to suit your needs, anywhere in Australia.

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