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Acoustic covers on electrical pump motors

Supplier: Flexshield
25 March, 2013

A client was requesting noise control treatment for two large electrical motors driving pumps.

Initial project requirements:

The noise levels generated were at an unacceptable level for workplace health and safety guidelines.

Project challenges:

The motors had numerous electrical, water and air feeds. There was a requirement to ensure all penetrations could be had without compromising on the noise control effectiveness.

There was also an emergency stop button which could not be inside the acoustic enclosure and the enclosure had to be easily removed for regular maintenance

Flexshield solution:

Flexshield designed, manufactured and installed two individual acoustic pump covers using Sonic System V50 acoustic panel for the roof and Sonic Curtain as the flexible sides of the noise control enclosures.

Using Sonic Curtain with Velcro slits and side joiners allowed for:

  • complete access whenever required and also meant that the
  • penetrations could be formed in house at the manufacturing stage
  • meaning a very quick and simple installation

Sonic System V50 had a reduction of Rw 31dB.

Sonic Curtain 4kg had a reduction of Rw 27dB.

Flexshield manufactures a complete range of noise control solutions.