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Acoustic curtains address issue of excess construction noise

Supplier: Flexshield By: Flexshield
21 April, 2015

Construction sites are common sources of noise pollution in Australia. In fact, in Victoria about 400,000 people are disturbed by construction noise annually.

Ongoing noise pollution can be frustrating. It can also be the cause of stress and health issues for those who have to endure it. As it stands, the government has noise regulations in place that companies must adhere to; if they fail to do comply, they may face fines or litigation claims.

But it's not just about abiding by the law; it's also about being responsible. Companies must have standards in place to control noise levels, not only for the health and safety of their own employees, but also as a consideration for the neighbours in the vicinity who may also be affected.

Noise control in action

On a recent Toowoomba project in which a detention basin was being built, well-known construction company, Allroads, faced some challenges due to the high noise levels being emitted from a pump on site. The noise generated was not of an unsafe level, however it was disruptive and disturbing for residents in surrounding homes.

In order to address this issue, Allroads approached Flexshield and procured 14 acoustic curtains (or sound blankets) on hire for use throughout the construction period. The blankets were attached to temporary fencing, which created a complete sound barrier around the noise source.

Acoustic curtains combine sound barrier and noise absorptive technologies into a lightweight and highly effective noise control product, and in this case, Allroads experienced great results from the installation of acoustic curtains supplied by Flexshield. The site experienced a measured decrease of 11.2dB.

"We used Flexshield at one of our projects in Toowoomba, at Ballin Drive. We had some noisy pumps. They came and supplied their Sonic Curtains and the sound was reduced and the neighbours were happy so it did its job very well," said Aaron Price from Allroads.

Many industries face noise issues daily. It is essential that companies comply with government legislation, provide safe and enjoyable working conditions for employees and cause minimal impact on the environment and surrounding communities.

Acoustic curtains are not just ideal for construction companies, but can also be used in any plant or workshop.

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