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Acoustic enclosures promote better productivity in the workplace

Supplier: Noise Control Engineering
04 November, 2013

Most major industries make use of heavy mechanical equipment that makes a lot of noise, and this noise typically exceeds human and statutory limits.

Therefore, operators are required to wear protective clothing and accessories to minimise sound and prevent potential health risks. Likewise, responsible corporations make sure to confine the noise using acoustic enclosures to promote better productivity in the workplace. Without these enclosures, it's highly likely that all workers will suffer hearing loss and other health problems.

Applications for acoustic enclosures include blowers, compressors, generators, industrial grinders, hydraulic pumps, massive industrial fans, and print presses. These important structures are strategically placed around heavy machinery that tend to create strong reverberations and reflected noise. Once the machinery is properly enclosed, noise is greatly reduced and confined within a small area.

Likewise, they also offer the benefit of isolating vibration and shocks that can compromise the performance of other elements nearby. Worth mentioning as well is how acoustic enclosures at times also serve as primary safety barriers when there's machinery trouble.

To properly deliver such benefits, acoustic enclosures must be carefully designed to support the functionality of the machinery it isolates. There should be an air inlet drive, a system for exhaust gas removal especially for combustion engines, air conditioning, fire-fighting systems, proper ventilation to prevent overheating of the equipment, proper lighting and clear viewing windows for monitoring the performance of the machinery, easy access for operators and maintenance personnel.

Other features may also be integrated but these will only be addressed by designers and engineers once details about the machinery's operational functionality are completely determined.

Acoustic enclosures come in different designs and are determined by the kind of mechanical equipment they enclose; There's the common acoustic enclosure typically used to enclose generators placed in a small space. It is designed according to the specific requirement of the machine and operations so regular maintenance will be easy to manage.

There's also the DG Sets enclosure and the design for this is made according to the layout and location of the DG Set. This enclosure always comes with fresh air inlet and hot air outlet chambers as well as double glazed "observation" windows or doors.

Lastly, the power press acoustic enclosure design is for power presses wherein noise is emitted by continuously running machines - the design can be modified to support the working method of the presses, be they automated or manual.