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A leading designer and manufacturer of data conversion products, Acqiris' strength lies in combining the skill and talent of its physicists and engineers with the feedback and expertise of its customers. Products for applications in the research, ATE and OEM markets include CompactPCI, PCI, PXI and OEM digitizers, and waveform analyzers with Gigasample per second (GS/s) performance. With a focus on technological innovation, and having pioneered a number of breakthroughs in device size, power consumption, measurement fidelity and data throughput, Acqiris is leading the way in high-speed digitizer and analyzer products for systems used in industries as wide spread as synthetic instrumentation, airport radar, and particle accelerator experiments.

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With a global sales and support network, including headquarters in the USA, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region, Acqiris continues to provide the most advanced technologies that make data conversion more powerful and much more usable to a wider number of users.

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