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Acromet | Industrial Pumps


Acromet is an expert in development and manufacturing of the highest quality liquid, gaseous and dry material solutions based in Australia. Acromet applies three phases designing, manufacturing and distribution of pumping products to satisfy multiple variety of industry needs. Their products are used in a range of applications like medical industry, mining, agriculture, food processing etc. Acromet’s most advanced design, various product lines and committed customer support helped them to become market leader for 50 years.

The number of Employees in the company is lesser than 10. Total annual revenue of the organization is $3.6M. The special product types of Acromet are - Metering Pumps, Chlorinators and Sulphonators, Dry Materials Handling Equipment and Process Pumps. Moreover, they also provide breakdown repairs to feeding systems, pumping systems etc. Their products are available across the globe including firms located in SE Asia and United States. Some of the prominent clients using Acromet’s services includes ABB, Aspen, BASF, CSL etc.

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