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Now everyone can get laser accuracy on all types of concrete floors!

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Trimmerstar 806

Trimmerstar 806 is a revolutionary laser screed that works on a variety of materials including fresh concrete as well as gravel and sand.

The Trimmerstar 806 has a petrol generator which powers the electric motors that propel the unit and also activate the cutting head and vibrating beam. Laser receivers guide the correct level for the cutting head, while a remote control allows the operator to determine the direction, drive speed, and cutting speed.
The Trimmerstar 806 constantly and automatically checks and adjusts the desired reference height and inclination of the ground surface to the millimetre - providing the ultimate in floor accuracy!

Also, because the Trimmerstar 806 is guided by laser levels, it is possible to grade flat OR single or dual axis slopes.

When used in concrete applications, the Trimmerstar 806 can be placed on the surface AFTER the concrete has consolidated - providing even better accuracy for floor levels. The light weight of the Trimmerstar 806 means laser leveled floors are not restricted to slab on ground, but also includes all manner of suspended slabs and bridge decks, providing grades as required.

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