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Active Oxygen / Kempe - DV1

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Negative ion generator suitable for use in internal residential, commercial and health care applications.

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Product Description:

The Kempe DV1 Active Oxygen ioniser produces negatively-charged ions which can assist in reducing airborne and surface borne contaminants and improving bodily metabolisms.

The product is suitable for use in schools, universities, cinemas, offices, indoor nurseries, florists, food manufacturing, food display, food storage, hospitals and maternity wards.

The product can assist in the reduction of airborne contaminants (such as dust particles and bacteria) by negatively charging airborne particles and surfaces in an indoor space.

When the contaminants and surfaces that can carry a charge (e.g. synthetic carpets) become negatively charged, the contaminants are repelled. The repelled contaminants either die, due to lack of contact with a suitable surface (bacteria), or attract to a positively charged surface.

In some cases large dust particles may attract numerous ions and become too heavy and drop from the air. The product is most effective when used in conjunction with a fan or air-conditioner to circulate the ions and a well ventilated space to direct repelled contaminants externally.

The product may also help improve human health by improving the performance of metabolic activities in the body.

It is believed this is achieved by ingestion of negatively charged oxygen ions via membranes in the body such as the respiratory system, and additionally via the skin (manufacturer claim).

The charge enters the bloodstream and is delivered to cells, improving the effectiveness of biochemical reactions.

The process of ionising air requires a high voltage and can produce ozone as a by-product. However, due to the voltage configuration of the product (proprietary), there is no increase in background ozone levels.

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Country of Origin

  • Australia

Ecospecifier Issues of Concern / Red Lights

  • The primary constituent of the product is PVC (approx 80%). PVC is a contentious material, and plasticised PVC contains pthalates.
  • PVC has been widely studied and researched regarding potential adverse health and environmental impacts during manufacture and disposal.
  • Please see Glossary for more information on PVC and plasticisers.
  • This product contains non-renewable fossil fuel petrochemical polymers and mineral ores. If the product were to be recycled (after usable life) this investment in resources would be partially off-set through reduced material use in the future.
  • Assessment Comparison
  • Alternative air ionising products and air filter purifiers



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