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Acutec gives reliable communications for mariners

Supplier: ACUTEC Marine Satellite Communications and TV
04 February, 2010

Building on the success of the 2006 series, VSAT antennas, Cobham Satcom has announced the launch of its successor.

The replacement Ku band 09 series will still be available in 40 inch (1m) and 60 inch (1.5m) versions, as well as a new 50 inch 1.2m version.

Among the many improvements over previous models, the decks unit is in a brand new radome.

This product is sold by Acutec, which is a member of the global network of Sea Tel agents. It is a specialist in maritime satellite services and offers a range of hardware, airtime and maintenance support services for the super-yacht, offshore, Government and commercial maritime industries.

Inside, much of the electronics have been simplified by combining functions into a single electronic's pack.

Enhancing the Sea Tel marque's reputation for industrial strength and reliability, the new unit will be even tougher, according to Acutec.

For example, there is a new heave damping mechanism that reduces shock loading and increases survivability in extreme conditions.

The new 09 series is available now in a limited release prior to its formal launch in November 2009.

In Ku band, there will be the 4009, 5009 and 6009 available with the choice of RF options.

The 4009 Ku antenna incorporates the latest technology in optimal reflector performance and vertical isolation characteristics.

The platform is designed to withstand the most demanding sea conditions imaginable along with the most versatile mounting configurations for BUC and transceiver options.

A standard RF "tuned" radome ensures that it is the best RF performing radome in the maritime market.

Reliability in design has been the driving force behind this new model, with an emphasis on customer satisfaction.

One example of a company that is used to using a VSAT antenna is the Argentine sail training ship, Ara Libertad. It routinely uses its high speed Internet VSAT connection to assist with weather routing.

The ship's Sea Tel 4006 VSAT provides critical communication and with the assistance of the US Navy, it is used to acquire real-time meteorological data at sea.

Acutec recently supplied an Internet service for the Argentine sail training ship as part of a long term arrangement with the ship's communications provider – Innovative Satellite Solutions.

Acutec partner, Sea Mobile, provides a broadband Internet service to the vessel via its high quality multi regional Ku band maritime VSAT network.

Communications officer, Lt. Marcelo Saenz, said that the VSAT is the ship's primary bearer and has proved itself to be very reliable and easy to use since being installed last year.

Access to timely meteorological information via the broadband connection is invaluable when it comes to maintaining schedules and routing the ship safely.

Acutec says that clients who work with the company can expect to achieve reliable, cost-effective solutions for their vessels.

The staff add that they will benefit from an improved ability to offer passengers, owners, charterers and crew the value added services and modern network applications everybody has come to expect from land based networks. ??

These include cheap flexible phone systems, fast e-mail and internet, and connection to company networks.

Acutec adds that they will see improvements in crew moral and passenger satisfaction as a result of an investment in a high quality satellite TV service.

Customers whose existing systems are failing to meet their expectations of performance or wish to use their regional satellite TV or communications system outside of their normal satellite footprint area will find that a solution is available to get the system up and running once again, and at reasonable cost.

Acutec says it conducts its business in accordance with a number of key values.

These include:

  • Building respect and credibility. They do this by working with professionalism and integrity
  • Look after our people. Acutec invests in training and development.
  • Being team players. The company encourages and garners mutual respect with everyone they interact with.
  • Providing excellent products and services. This means providing quality solutions which match or exceed its customer's expectations.
  • Build lasting relationships with its customers and partners. This means thinking beyond immediate requirements towards a long and mutually rewarding association.
  • Gathering the latest information – by keeping abreast of all developments in the field.
  • Being the people to whom its customers turn to for advice.
  • Communicating well. This means always delivering on its promises.
  • Being modest. If they do not know the answer, they will tell you and direct you towards someone who might.
  • Making work interesting, engaging and enjoyable.
  • Keeping its solutions simple and practical. This involves focusing on results, quality and reliability.