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Adapting to new food analyser technology

Supplier: Next Instruments
11 August, 2017

IndustrySearch talks with Victoria Clancy from Next Instruments on their advancements on food analyser technology as well as shares their advice to those who haven't adapted to new food technology

What does Next Instruments specialise in?

We are Next Instruments, an Australian company that designs and manufactures instrumentation for the food and agricultural industries. We specialise in Near Infrared Analysers, Seed Image Analysers, Sieving and Test Weight Analysers that measure components such as fat, moisture, protein and carbohydrates in a range of food products such milk, dairy products, beverages and many more. In the food industry we also offer NutraScan simulation digestion system and other image analysis systems.


What are some of the challenges you are seeing the food processing industry face?

We see so many companies that measure their products with too much ado. If you take a sample to the lab and analyse it, that can take up to 30 to 60 minutes and for products going through the line, a lot happens in that time frame (and this is not too good for the process line).


What advice would you give businesses who haven’t adjusted to technology like yours?

Companies should be looking to adopt our technology for analysis as it is simple to use and delivers practical results to the operator.

Our range of multi-scanners and NIR analysers are ideal for analysis so our advice to the manufacturers is to be looking at (our) analysers that will give good results when you analyze protein, fat and sugars in a broad range of food lines.