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Add a little Atmosphere to your architecture

Supplier: Locker Group
23 September, 2014

A basic principle of architectural products is that they should typically be both functional and appealing.

There's little use to having an architectural feature that looks good while adding nothing practical to the design, while a safety feature that is also an eyesore detracts from the overall look of the building.

Nowadays, however, there is an added feature which modern architectural products have to take into consideration: Sustainability. With environmental issues rife and concerns about depleting energy resources, it's important that even suppliers of such products do what they can to reduce the carbon footprint of themselves and their clients.

Locker Group's Atmosphere facade hits all three of these key requirements: it's practical, it's easy on the eyes and it's a power-saving measure.

What is Atmosphere?

Atmosphere is a lightweight facade consisting of layers of perforated metal panels that are fitted onto 8mm thick, stainless steel 316 grade tension cables, which are attached to the building. This unique set-up creates an attractive floating effect which leaves a strong visual impact on the exterior of a building.

Atmosphere was not just designed with the visual comfort of bystanders in mind, but that of the occupants of the building too. Its unique perforated texture allows those within to see outside while being shielded from the sun's glare.

The shading provided by Atmosphere has another, arguably more important, purpose, too. An Atmosphere facade can reduce the impact of solar energy entering a building by up to 78 per cent, keeping building interiors cool – especially important in a high-temperature climate like Australia's.  

In doing so, there's less need to use up precious energy by pumping air conditioning to the building. According to studies, installing Atmosphere on a typical building in Melbourne saved around 45 per cent of energy costs per year, while carbon emissions were reduced by 44 per cent.

Why install Atmosphere?

Aside from its sustainability, part of the appeal of Atmosphere lies in its easy installation and variability. Its cable fixing system results in a lower installation cost than traditional facades – nearly half, to be exact. It also saves added time and money by being relatively unobtrusive for those inside the building.

The use of tensioned cables allows Atmosphere to be tailored to fit a particular design, with a variety of different profile options, as well as colours. These profiles can even be arranged to match different orientations, whether east, west or north.

The best part is that it's possible to remove the panels while keeping the tension cable system in place, providing a cost-effective and simple way for a building's occupants to change up the design for their exterior.

Try doing that with your everyday facade.