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Adding extra warehouse space and not just on paper

Supplier: Flexilift Australia
27 July, 2009

PaperlinX is the world's leading fine paper merchant and an Australian manufacturer of high quality communication and packaging paper, selling over four and a half million tonnes of paper and packaging materials worldwide. The company's main focus is on manufacturing and distributing high quality fine paper used as office paper, and specialty paper used in brochures, magazines, annual reports and other business papers.

Paperlinx recently redesigned their Queensland distribution centre and are currently using four of the Flexi Narrow Aisle Articulated electric forklifts from Flexilift. This bold move allowed Paperlinx to reduce their aisle widths and utilize their warehouse to maximum capacity.

The strategically designed warehouse has also minimized their forklift requirements as Reach Truck's are no longer required to operate in this site.

According to Mr. Cameron Smith, National Transport and Fleet manager for Paperlinx, the use of the Flexi Narrow Aisle Articulated electric forklift from Flexilift, has had a number of advantages.

"We have four of these units in our Brisbane Distribution Centres and two in Melbourne, which enable us to use these units for multi-purposes".

Furthermore, says Mr. Smith, there have been real storage space savings with the ability to operate in Narrow aisles.

"We have managed to increase our storage capacity by approximately 15%, as a result of utilizing the articulated forklifts".

In fact he notes that, "We previously operated in 3.5 metre wide aisles but now we only need 2.2 metre wide aisles, saving considerable footprint in our Warehouses."

Mr. Smith says, "If you have got issues with space and you want to maximize your warehouse capacity, this may be the forklift solution you need".

And according to John Fisher, the National Business Development Manager for Flexilift, the Narrow Aisle Articulated electric forklift is Flexi by name, Flexi by nature.

"Our Flexi Narrow Aisle Forklifts have been specially designed to combine all the important features of a reach truck together with those of a standard counterbalance truck".

"This unique hybrid forklift can operate just as well in the loading yard outside as indoors in extremely restricted aisles".

"The Flexi Narrow Aisle Forklift allows you to cut your materials handling costs by anything up to 50 per cent by abolishing double handling and replacing two separate forklifts with one very versatile machine", Why use expensive 3rd party warehouse providers when you can increase your actual shelving capacity by using the Narrow Aisle Flexi Lift?. Mr. Fisher concludes.