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Additional member of the 1-Q-EC amplifier series

Supplier: maxon motor australia

maxon presents a high-performance OEM version.

Price Guide: POA

The DEC Module 50/5 is a digital 1-quadrant amplifier with speed controller for brushless EC motors with Hall Sensors up to 250 watts.

The well-priced, miniaturized, powerful cartridge offers all necessary characteristics. Nevertheless, it can be integrated seamlessly into most complex applications without effort.

Now, the customer can fully focus on developing his/hers own device – while being able to take full advantage of maxon motor's vast drive know-how that comes along with the module.

Additionally available are a comprehensive Motherboard Design Guide to assist OEMs in their circuit board design as well as a detailed Evaluation Board for the use during initial commissioning.

Miniature size, extreme high performance, extensive protective functions and easy-to-handle integration permit OEMs both, maximized flexibility and efficiency.

DEC Module 50/5

Features and characteristics:

Maximum power in miniature size at a minimum price.

  • Large power range along with high efficiency
    • The wide supply voltage range of 6…50VDC (alternatively 5 VDC) with a continuous output current of 5 A permits flexible, multifunctional operation.
    • The implemented Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) with synchronous rectification minimizes dissipation loss, which results in a high efficiency factor.
  • Flexible operation
    • Featuring a sturdy controller design, the amplifier can be operated either as digital speed controller (closed loop) or as digital speed actuator (open loop).
  • High speed
    • Designed for a maximum motor speed of 80 000 rpm (motor with 1 pole pair, for multiple-pole motors accordingly less).
  • External speed set value
    • Rotation speed can be preset via an external analog voltage (0…+5 V).
  • Comprehensive control and supervision
    • Inputs and outputs for enabling, three speed ranges, direction of rotation presetting, current limiting, motor speed monitor and operational status.
  • All-inclusive protection
    • Protection against overcurrent, undervoltage and overvoltage, thermal overload, blockage und short circuit.
  • Minimal size
    • Consistent miniaturization resulted in an All-in-One amplifier with high power density, 250 Watt continuous output power on a total area of only 12 cm2!

Within its price segment, the module will be hard to beat in both aspects, in regard to dimensions (approx. 43x28x13 mm) and weight (approx. 9 g).