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Address Extraction & Verification - VERDEX

Supplier: Intermec

VERDEX is the industry's first proven mobile technology for address extraction and verification.

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VERDEX is optimised specifically for courier and postal operations, for use at the most effective point – parcel collection. In its latest revision, VERDEX now incorporates enhanced OCR technology, and supports the full line of powerful Intermec 70 Series mobile computers.

Latest Features

  • Now supporting the powerful 70 series mobile computers
  • Data extraction with built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) helps refine or build your own delivery address database

Additional Features

  • Improves the efficiency of parcel introduction into track and trace systems by up to 300%
  • Eliminates error prone manual entry at the point of parcel collection providing accurate information sooner for logistics planning
  • Ensures the item is ultimately deliverable eliminating downstream costs associated with excessive item handling
  • Easy to integrate into existing pickup and delivery mobility applications
  • Exclusively available on Intermec mobile computers

Product Overview
VERDEX is the industry's first proven mobile technology for precision address extraction and verification. VERDEX is optimised specifically for postal sortation operations, and is designed for use at the most effective point: at the point of parcel collection.

With its latest updates, VERDEX now supports the full line of powerful Intermec 70 Series mobile computers. VERDEX now also performs data extraction with built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR), to help build and refine your delivery-address database.

Each year the courier, express and parcel (CEP) industry deals with millions of items arriving at their sortation facilities unannounced and with unverified addresses, many of which ultimately become "Undeliverable as Addressed" (UAA), creating billions of dollars in unnecessary expenses.

VERDEX is a software component, exclusively available on Intermec mobile computers, that fully integrates all of the technologies necessary to deliver verified address data to a mobile application. VERDEX is designed for CEP organisations that want to reduce the volume and associated costs of undeliverable items by correcting errors before they enter their system or arrive at the sortation hub.

Prevent the Problem Before it Occurs
VERDEX is used at the point of collection to help eliminate UAA parcels and provide planners with early visibility to previously unannounced and unverified items. When combined with an Intermec mobile computer and mobile label printer, VERDEX allows parcel collection workers to quickly and accurately introduce parcels into the track-and-trace system and re-label them at the time of collection.

VERDEX is built on industry-proven technology that is currently used in high speed postal and parcel organisations around the world, but has been optimised to run on Intermec mobile computers. At the press of a single button, VERDEX combines enhanced data extraction algorithms with proprietary SmartMatch™ technology to automate entry and verification of machine printed, human readable text up to 300% faster than key based entry.

This significantly improves efficiency and reduces errors that are caused by manual keying of address information.

Eliminate Errors and Gain Visibility
With only a few hours between the parcel collection and the sorting process, there is little time to manually enter unannounced and unverified items into the track-and- trace system with much, if any, advance notice for downstream process workers.

When VERDEX is used at the point of collection, logistics planners are able to optimise downstream operations allowing the CEP organisation to better utilise its assets for sorting, routing and transporting of parcels.

Easy Integration
VERDEX can be used in a variety of development environments and is supplied with documentation, and detailed sample programs that allow software developers to quickly integrate VERDEX capabilities into their line-of-business applications.

Commercial and custom database development and support are provided by Intermec technology partners. Organisations that do not have access to a postal address database may select from a variety of commercially available databases.

Alternatively, Intermec technology partners can help you build, optimise, deploy and maintain a specific solution based on the CEP organisation's own delivery address databases.

System Requirements
Intermec Mobile Computer VERDEX Operates on the Following Intermec Computers:

  • CN3 mobile computer with EA11 imager and WM 6.1 OS
  • CN50 mobile computer with 256MB RAM

Verification Database
Address verification is performed by comparing captured addresses against a database which resides on the mobile computer. You may use your own database or purchase a commercial database. An SD card is required for storage of large databases.

Custom Database (Based on User's Data)
Intermec will contract with you to build and optimise your database, and provide you with tools that allow you to perform database maintenance. A database can be built from data consisting of records that can be exported to a flat file with columns of data separated either by a unique delimiter or fixed length.

Commercial Database
Select from a variety of sources such as UPU, Royal Mail, U.S. Postal Service.

Intermec Mobile Printers
The following Intermec mobile label printer models are recommended for printing corrected address labels: PB22, PB32, and PB50.

Requirements for Integration with Mobility Applications
Choose from Two Integration Methods:

  • For fastest integration, adopt the default user experience included in the VERDEX mobile component.
  • For maximum flexibility, use VERDEX APIs in your C++, C#.NET, or VB.NET application.

VERDEX is a licensed product and is delivered with sample databases intended for demonstration purposes. Unlicensed VERDEX will operate with full functionality with these demo databases; however it must be properly licensed to use a true custom or commercial database.

Package Address Specifications
For best performance, VERDEX requires good image quality. VERDEX can extract information from postal addresses that meet the following specifications:

Supported Character Sets

  • The VERDEX data extraction and verification follows Unicode specifications and supports the Latin alphabet which includes character sets that are specified in Windows-1252 code page. All Western European languages and most Eastern European languages are also supported.
  • Character sets and languages not currently supported are Greek, Cyrillic, Asian, Arabic, and Hebrew. For a complete list of exact characters, please reference the Windows-1252 code page.

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