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Adflo Powered Air Respirator

Supplier: Aitken Welding Supplies

For welders only

Price Guide (Inc GST): POA

The Adflo powered air respirator is specially designed for welders using the award-winning Speedglas"' 9000 series welding shields. Its smart, compact design is made to suit welders and their specific working conditions.

All Speedglas shields for the Adflo respirator are fitted with the Speedglas SideWindows as standard, in order to enable good peripheral visibility - an important factor for both comfort and safety.

Full mobility

The Adflo turbo unit has no external batteries, no battery cables and no sharp corners to catch on things as the welder moves into position. The slim profile is perfect for use

in tight spaces. Its ergonomics are based on the welder's need for lightweight, adaptable and easy-to-use respiratory protection.

An adaptable system that saves money

With the right type of filter the Adflo respirator effectively protects against both particles and gases - all in one system. And you can selectively replace either the particle or the gas filter as needed: you don't need to change both filters at the same time.

Green for go

As soon as you turn on your Adflo powered air respirator a display indicates the status of the filter. Green light means that the unit is working normally. Red light indicates that filter is clogging up. As an extra security feature an audible alarm sounds when filter is so clogged that the airflow level cannot be maintained. If this alarm is ignored the unit automatically turns off.

Constant flow of clean air

Thanks to special electronics the airflow is always a constant nominal rate of 170 litres/minute, regardless of the battery's charge or the particle loading of the filter.

For hot, humid jobs welders can increase the airflow by almost 40% by simply pushing the ON button a second time. By using the Adflo respirator, welders get both increased protection and comfort all day long.