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Admixture for Concrete | abilspray®

Supplier: Ability Building Chemicals Co

abilspray® Admixture for Concrete is a high performance, pozzolanic, mineral admixture for pre-mixed shotcrete and concrete.

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abilspray® Admixture for Concrete, supplied in fine dry powder form, is a carefully engineered blend of superfine flyash and synthetic and naturally occurring amorphous silica.

Available in 10kg Concrete-Friendly® degradable paper sacks and 1-tonne bulker bags, abilspray® powder improves a wide range of performance characteristics in virtually all pre-mixed shotcrete and concrete mix designs.


abilspray® powder delivers a range of improvements in the performance of shotcrete and concrete in both their wet (plastic) and hardened states, including:

  • Improves flow (rheology) pumpability, extrusion and workability
  • Reduces voids within a shotcrete/concrete matrix
  • Improves wet and hardened adhesion of shotcrete
  • Delivers significant reductions in shotcrete rebound and wastage
  • Reduces permeability to water and other aqueous solutions (including chlorides, sulphates and carbonic acid)
  • Improves compressive and other mechanical strengths
  • Increases durability and abrasion resistance.


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