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Advanced Manufacturing Solutions

Supplier: Evolution Future Solutions

To give you the edge over your competitors by boosting operational performance we have a number of integrated solutions.

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Beyond the core capabilities of SAP Business One there are a number of seamless integrated modules that include:

Improve manufacturing to meet customer demands and outpace the competition

Order times, cycle times, transit times, capacity load, resource availability and schedules are decisive indicators for optimal control and monitoring process in manufacturing enterprises of all sizes and all sectors.

This complete Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) solution will give you:

  • Track order progress with transparency to enforce high levels of quality service for your customers
  • Informative evaluations of the production process that provide important insights for future improvement initiatives
  • Consolidation of all schedule-related order processing activities, including interconnections in the order network
  • Greater transparency in order progress and in relation to capacity availability
  • Quicker reaction to exceptional cases and therefore less stress situations due to rush orders
  • Better resource application and therefore optimisation of the investment budget; and,
  • More appropriate schedule declarations for greater customer satisfaction across the board.

Production Planning
Finding and maintaining an efficiency edge

Maximizing efficiency and productivity in your manufacturing operation lies at the very heart of profit generation. It is essential if you are to remain competitive in today's environment.

Production Planning and Costing gives you the tools to:

  • Plan more effectively with up to the minute and accurate information
  • Monitor and identify process improvement opportunities to increase efficiency
  • Calculate process costs and bottlenecks in conjuntion with effective production savings; and,
  • Control production scheduling to manage, monitor and fine tune processes in production.

Time savings on fast and accurate quotations

This fully integrated tool quickly and easily guides the operator through the process of building accurate, professional and comprehensive quotes, sales proposals and orders.

This enhancement will:

  • Produce high quality professional quotations and product/service specifications
  • Reduction in time to get quotes to the customer
  • Conversion from quote to order for accurate data input and order processing
  • Reduces order entry errors and costly re-quotes
  • Increase in sales by prompted up-sell and cross-sell options
  • Option to create full manufacturing bill of materials, sub-assemblies and operations
  • Calculation of costs, margins, shipping, taxes, currency conversions, and more; and,
  • Online quote and order options for fast convenient service

Inventory Management
Reduce inventory costs - Streamline your Supply Chain

This solution automates the inventory process, enabling users to improve their inventory management and reduce the time required to maintain proper stocking levels.

By automatically forecasting, replenishing, and optimising the supply chain, users can manage their inventory more efficiently and meet the demands of customers and suppliers at lower costs.

Our customers confirm the following real results;

  • Reduction in inventory of 20% or more
  • Minimise panic and emergency orders by up to 35% or more
  • Improve productivity by reducing planning time by up to 60% or more
  • Control replenishment spending by 15% or more
  • Improve customer satisfaction by having the right products available when your customers want them; and,
  • Help to generate more sales and enable cross-selling and up-selling

These modules interface directly with SAP Business One, yet give added specialist capabilities for different types of  manufacturing operation.

Evolution Software Services can also develop tailor-made adaptions of these sub-systems to suit your exact requirements and give you even stronger business improvement advantages over the competition with:

  • Accurate tracking and reduction of costs
  • Improved staff productivity
  • Labour and material savings; and,
  • Improved speed and flexibility in responding to client demands