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Advantage Pharmacy and QlikView

Supplier: Professional Advantage
22 August, 2012

This year marks twenty years since the Advantage Pharmacy Group was established by two enthusiastic business owners in Melbourne.

 In that time the Group has grown to thirteen business partners and includes 23 wholly owned pharmacies within Victoria and another 27 franchised stores across Australia.

The Group turns over around $100 million dollars annually and employs 540 staff. It's an outstandingly successful business in a very crowded and competitive market.


Having recently deployed a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, Advantage Pharmacy Group needed to find a reporting solution that could meet the diverse information needs of company owners, head office management, pharmacy managers and franchise owners.




  • Time savings to prepare reports of one and a half days per month
  • Analysis provides greater control over margins
  • Product ordering is optimised and store allocation more accurately reflects demand
  • More professional reporting has led to the development and launch of a new business initiative

One reason for the Group's growth has been management's belief in the importance of centralised infrastructure and services.

Placido Cali, Advantage Pharmacy Group Chief Financial Officer explains: "We've always done things at head office that stores find difficult to do or that from an economic sense, are best done centrally.

"Infrastructure is hard to replicate at store level and it takes time, so from the earliest days we've put a huge investment of time and money into creating systems and services at head office and making them available to the pharmacies."

Among the systems that Advantage Pharmacy Group head office manages are loyalty and marketing services, Group ordering and warehousing, and an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to manage financial services.

Within the last 12 months the final piece of the puzzle was deployed, a QlikView business intelligence solution to ease the task of accessing, reporting and analysing data across all systems.

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