Advantages Gained from Adding Bitron Fuel, Oil and Transmission Treatments

Advantages Gained from Adding these Bitron Treatments


Fuel Treatment:- Bitron Genesis D110 Diesel Treatment OR Petrol Power P900; Lubrication in diesel and petrol fuel is very low; the initial fuel treatment to be 4 ml Bitron D110 or P900 Petrol Power per Litre Fuel for the first 2 Tanks in Small tanks (3 L Bi-tron Treatment to 1000 L Fuel; larger fuel tanks) to help to condition the fuel & put the lubrication back into the fuel. You should change the fuel filter/s after burning about 500 L of Fuel in Large Tanks & after burning 2 to 3 Tanks on Small Tanks, when you first start using the Bitron.

Continued treatments of the Fuels with Bitron D110/Petrol P900 at 2mls. Bitron to 1 L Fuel (small tanks) & 2 L Bitron to 1000 L Fuel (larger tanks). Bitron Fuel Treatments maintains the fuel at "Pristine Fuel Condition" for maximum burn, and a possible 90% reduction in Exhaust Pollution Emissions.

Bitron Fuel Treatments are the only Products which will lubricate the Top End of the Engine ( Top Piston Ring: Cylinder Walls and Valves). Bitron will work under the extreme heat and pressure in the combustion chamber.


Engine Oil Treatment:- BITRON EP 20 ENGINE TREATMENT

For the INITIAL ENGINE OIL TREATMENT, you will need sufficient Bitron EP20 Engine Treatment to treat the crankcase oil at the rate of approximately 10% Bitron to the oil capacity, to be used for about 8 Hours or 800 klms before the oil change. (LATE MODEL vehicles and machinery (SAE 5-10 Oil) could have special consideration; ADD max .5% Engine Treatment.

After refilling with new oil and fitting a new oil filter cartridge, retreat with Bitron EP20 Engine Treatment.

This treatment is good for at least the next Oil change in Machinery or 5,000 or 10,000 klms. in vehicles. If an Oil Analysis Test was done at the 2nd . & 3rd . Oil Change after using Bitron, the results should show that the intervls between Oil changes could be increased (Check with person doing Oil Analysis Test). This is another saving in expenses. The reduction in fuel and metal contaminates in the oil sample is very considerable. Great reduction in WEAR.


Transmission Treatment:- Bitron EP40 Powertrain (Transmission)

If the oil in the transmission ( Gearbox; Differentials, Transfer Case & Hydraulics) has been changed regularly and you believe the oil to be clean, then you can treat these areas at the maximum rate 10% Bitron EP40 Power-train to the oil capacity in the box. This Product is extremely good at reducing friction, noises, whining & excess heat. When you eventually do an oil change, retreat at the rate of 5% EP40. Some Hydraulic units where a lot of oil is used as a coolant; those units, need to be treated with a much smaller % of EP40. The Bitron ONLY treats the metal. NOT the OIL.



The Bitron (By Tron) Treatments are "metal treatments" and are 100% Petroleum based. There are "NO ADDITIVES" in the Bitron Treatments which are ADDED to:-- fuels; engine crankcase oils; all types of transmissions; gearboxes; compressors and hydraulics.; in fact anywhere OIL is used for lubrication.

BITRON (By Tron) Statement:--

MONEY cannot buy the INSURANCE you can get from ADDING the BITRON Treatments to your Vehicles and Machinery.

Mechanical RELIABILITY comes with ADDING the Bitron Treatments.


EXHAUST Pollution EMISSIONS can be REDUCED by about 90%.


How does Bitron (By Tron) Metal Treatment work?

Bitron Treatments are the most economic and fuel saving penetrating lubricants that reduce the smoke emissions by improving combustion, hence power and performance. A possible 90% reduction in exhaust pollution emissions.

The molecules of metal have positive nucleus at their centre. Inside the orbit, around nucleus are electrons with a negative charge, which is the reason why the outer surface of a metal has an overall negative charg.

A stylized molecule of Bitron has an overall positive charge. The positively charged molecules of Bitron gets attracted and anchored to the metal's negatively charged surface.

This  creates a uniform layer of Bitron over the entire metal surface. If there are any areas of hydrocarbon or rust build-up, the Bitron treats its due to a greater affinity for the metal. This has the effect of displacing the accumulated particles from the metal surface.

Without this protection, the asperities or peaks of the metal surface will heat up rapidly when they move close to one another causing friction.

At these higher temperature, normal oil, which is subject to the thermal viscosity breakdown, will become thin and disperse, leaving the metal surfaces exposed.

When the two surfaces collide, the impact will break one off the "asperities" which will become a "wear particle".


Fuel Efficient Diesel Treatment | Bitron Genesis D110

Bitron Genesis D110 is an advanced diesel fuel system treatment, formulated using leading edge technology to provide industry with the ultimate solution for diesel fuel system deposits and poor diesel quality.

Bitron Genesis D110 Fuel Efficient Diesel Treatment.

Genesis is first in a new generation of fuel treatments that integrate a modern, proactive approach to prevention with the conventional reactive approach currently favoured by manufacturers of aftermarket fuel additives and treatments.

This makes Bitron Genesis Advanced Diesel Treatment the first truly Intelligent Fuel Solution.

The Genesis formulation is the result of high quality research and analysis into current refining and pipeline additives used by the petrochemical industry in the production of their wholesale/retail diesel streams. Bitron's research highlights and reinforces the anecdotal evidence that the both standard and premium diesel streams often suffer form poor quality and have a tendency to cause a build up of deposits on both the combustion chamber and injectors over time.

The above issues are the direct cause of a wide range of secondary problems including poor fuel economy, black and white smoke, increased particulates and fuel system corrosion.

Because Bitron Genesis is an integrated fuel treatment package, the product works proactively to improve diesel quality and prevent deposit formation, whilst also working in a similar way to conventional diesel treatments by helping to alleviate major problems such as corrosion, poor fuel economy and elevated emissions that result from issues with diesel fuel quality and deposits.



Bitron Genesis Advanced Diesel Treatment is an integrated treatment package designed to provide significant, immediate and measurable improvements to the functional profile of a broad range of diesel streams.

The Genesis Formulation has been developed to ensure that the diesel stream will not only meet, but exceed the ASTM D975-Standard Specification for Diesel Fuel Oils; an essential consideration for any diesel engine operator.

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