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Why use FIBCs?

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The flexible bulk container offers features that are unique to this package. It can be folded flat and bailed for shipment to the user. The weight of a bulk bag used to ship one metric ton of product weighs 2-5Kg, offering a low package: product weight ratio.

The cost of FIBCs is competitive with other forms of packaging can be utilised without pallets. They are easy to store and handle in warehouses with standard equipment. When shipping by boat the FIBCs can be loaded in multiples on a spreader bar, shipped as break bulk.

The standard filled diameter of FIBCs is 110cm, designed to fit two across in a truck or a shipping container. Special configured containers are made to meet specific requirements of the container user.

Versatility - Can be used for chemicals, minerals, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, agricultural products, fertilisers, plastics, cement and many more.

Special types are available, for example; for transporting hazardous goods in accordance with un chapter 16 recommendations. there are food grade and hygiene bags, sift-proof seams for fine powders, and types for electrostatic reduction to avoid dust explosions

Why buy from an
AFIBCA member?

  • Get exactly what you want - every time. AFIBCA Members are experts in all aspects of working with FIBCs and meet demanding quality standards.
  • ALL their FIBC types are certificated by accredited Test Houses as conforming to industry performance standards and regulations, giving you the safest FIBCs on the market.
  • ALL their FIBCs are clearly and correctly labeled with ALL the required information visible ALL the time.
  • AFIBCA Members are regularly updated on environmental issues and regulations enabling them to supply the most eco-friendly FIBCs available.
  • AFIBCA Members' FIBCs meet all the latest needs as a result of AFIBCA's regular liaison with associations and governing authorities.


  • An FIBC can carry up to 1000 times its own weight
  • No pallets needed as each FIBC has integral lifting loops
  • Reusable FIBCs fold flat to take up minimal space when returned
  • Colour printing turns the FIBC into a mobile advertising board promoting company and brand or displaying vital product and handling information
  • Massive savings in transport and storage costs -no pallets or secondary packaging and lowest packaging weight per tonne shipped
  • Designed for easy recycling when working life is over
  • Customised to suit material, plant and distribution system

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