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Advantages of ozone compared with disinfectant and oxidants

Supplier: Absolute Filters
05 December, 2014

Water used in the fracking process becomes contaminated and must be disposed of properly.

The generation of ozone involves the intermediate formation of atomic oxygen radicals which can react with molecular oxygen.

All processes that can dissociate molecular oxygen into oxygen radicals are potential ozone generation reactions.
Energy sources that make this action possible are electrons or photon quantum energy.
Electrons can be used from high-voltage sources in the corona discharge, from nuclear sources, and from electrolytic processes.
In nature, ozone generation occurs when oxygen molecules react in the presence of electrical discharges, e.g. lightning, and by action of high energy electromagnetic radiation. Some electrical equipment inadvertently generates levels of ozone that can be easily smelled; this is especially true if there is a spark or a very high voltage.

Ozone has several significant advantages over its chemical alternatives:
  • Ozone can only be generated on-site. 
  • Ozone is one of the most active, readily available oxidising agents. 
  • Ozone rapidly decomposes to oxygen leaving no traces. 
  • Ozone acts more rapidly, and more completely than other common disinfecting agents do. 
  • Ozone reacts swiftly and effectively on various strains of viruses

Applications for Ozone Purification

  • Drinking Water Treatment 
  • Fracking Water
  • Wastewater Treatment 
  • Ultra-pure and De-ionised Water Systems 
  • Air Treatment 
  • Fish Hatcheries-Aquaculture 
  • Industrial Applications 
  • Pulp and Paper (bleaching, wastewater disinfection) 
  • Odor Removal

Absolute Filters offer a solution to purify water on location called Specialised Water Purification System (SWPS®) which uses Ozone. For more information please call or use the IndustrySearch email for a direct reply back.