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Agricultural Chemical: Activist Max Zinc

Supplier: Agrichem

Agricultural Chemical, Activist Max Zinc has 70% Highly Active Zinc

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Agricultural Chemical: Activist Max Zinc

  • Analysis
  • Nitrogen 7%
  • Zinc 70%

Benefits of Agricultural Chemical Activist Max as Seed Dressing and in Broadacre

  • Rapidly available enhanced performance zinc can be used as seed dressing and foliar
  • Accelerates seedling development because nutrients are available from germination
  • Promotes healthy, vigorous root systems which ensure access to essential nutrients from the soil
  • Extremely safe for application to all seeds due to nutrient form
  • Compatible with other chemical seed treatments
  • Microfine particles ensure even coverage and effective plant uptake
  • High concentration reduces quantity of product needed and saves on packaging and freight costs

The Role and Benefits of Zinc

Zinc plays a key role as a structural constituent or co-factor in more than 70 enzyme systems within a plant. This is about a third of all the enzyme systems. One of these enzymes is called ‘carbonic anyhydrase’ and is involved in the transport of CO2 in photosynthesis.

A deficiency of zinc can cause a reduction in net photosynthesis by 50 – 70%, depending on the plant species and the severity of the deficiency. Zinc is also involved in other enzyme systems that are involved in photosynthesis.

The reduction in photosynthesis observed in zinc deficient plants can also be due in part, to a major decrease in chlorophyll content and the abnormal structure of chloroplasts.

Zinc is also involved in protein metabolism in plants. Zinc is required to convert amino acids (the basic building blocks of proteins) into proteins.

Zinc is required for the synthesis of auxin (specifically indole-acetic acid, a growth hormone) that is involved in root initiation and growth of adventitious roots.

In summary, even where a plant shows NO deficiency symptoms, if zinc is in short supply, yield can be reduced by up to 40%.

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