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Agricultural Chemical: Agri-Buffa

Supplier: Agrichem

Agricultural Chemical, Agri-Buffa has a pH indicator which assists the grower to achieve the desired pH for the nutrient or pesticide that is being added.


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Agricultural Chemical: Agri-Buffa

Acidifying biodegradable spray adjuvant now with ph indicator for penetrating and aiding compatibility


  • Acidifying agent
  • Buffering agent

Benefits of Agri-Buffa


  • Agri-Buffa has a pH indicator which assists the grower to achieve the desired pH for the nutrient or pesticide that is being added.
  • Agri-Buffa neutralises the excess hydroxyl ions (OH-) and dissolved salts in water. The net effect is the reduction of pH creating optimal conditions for the spray chemical. Agri-Buffa can be applied by ground or aerially


  • Agri-Buffa will neutralise the dissolved salts that inhibit the water’s ability to change pH. This in effect softens the water and helps overcome some phytotoxicity problems. (See rates guide overleaf).

Wetting / Spreading / Penetrating:

  • Agri-Buffa acts as a wetting agent and reduces surface tension. It also acts as a penetrant by disturbing the leaf’s waxy layer and driving chemicals through this natural layer. The result is a faster and more efficient uptake and response from spray chemicals.

Water Quality And Alkalinity

The quality and physical properties of water have a direct influence on the performance of many pesticides. High levels of dissolved salts can keep alkaline water buffered at a high pH which may adversely affect some chemicals. In some cases a direct reaction occurs causing a complete breakdown known as alkaline hydrolysis.

What Is Alkaline Hydrolysis?

When the pH of water exceeds 7 the concentration of hydroxyl ions (OH-) becomes high enough to break down bonds within the chemical structure. This breakdown inhibits or nullifies the performance of some pesticides.

These include herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and growth regulators. Hard water (above 200-250 ppm of dissolved ions) will also be improved by using Agri-Buffa.

This has the secondary benefit of softening the water - another cause of loss of activity in many chemicals. Please refer to Agrichem’s ready reckoner “Chemicals: Their effect and Rate of Degradation”, which provides details of the rates of hydrolysis and optimum pH levels for a range of commonly used chemicals.

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