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Agricultural Chemical: Complete ZMC

Supplier: Agrichem

Agricultural Chemical Complete ZMC accelerates early vegetative growth

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Agricultural Chemical: Complete ZMC


  • Nitrogen 2.3%
  • Copper 5.8%
  • Zinc 50%
  • Manganese 19%

Benefits of Complete ZMC

  • Accelerates early vegetative growth
  • Promotes healthy and vigorous root systems which can access essential nutrients from the soil
  • Slow release formulation ensures continued fertilisation of young crop
  • Product suitable for seed dressing, foliar or soil application
  • Extremely safe for application at all stages of plant growth due to nutrient forms
  • Compatible with many other chemical seed and foliar treatments
  • Has micro-fine particles ensuring even coverage and effective plant uptake
  • Pre-mixed in carefully controlled ratios so the crop receives the essential nutrients specific to its growth stage
  • High concentration reduces quantity of product needed and saves on packaging and freight costs

The Roles of Zinc, Manganese and Copper

Zinc forms an enzyme, which maintains C02 levels for photosynthesis. Zinc plays an important rolein production of auxins. Copper is an activator of several enzymes in plants and it plays a key role in Vitamin A production. Manganese is an enzyme activator which helps with nitrate assimilation. It is primarily involved with photosynthesis and chlorophyll production.

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