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Agricultural Chemical: Thirty Thirty

Supplier: Agrichem

Agricultural chemical thirty thirty has zinc 30% and manganese 30%

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Agricultural Chemical: Thirty Thirty


  • Zinc 30%
  • Manganese 30%

Benefits of Agricultural Chemicals Thirty Thirty

  • Accelerates seedling growth because zinc and manganese are required for healthy root as well as vegetative growth
  • Healthy, vigorous root systems ensure access to essential nutrients from the soil
  • The micron size of the suspension has been uniquely processed in order to provide more efficient uptake into deficient crops whilst still maintaining the residual effect
  • Extremely safe for application
  • Can be applied with a wide range of other agricultural chemicals, reducing the number of spray applications needed
  • Pre-mixed in carefully controlled ratios so the crop receives the essential nutrients specific to its growth stage

The Role of Zinc

Zinc forms an enzyme which produces carbon dioxide and maintains C02 levels for photosynthesis. Zincplays an important role in the production of auxins.

The Role of Manganese

Manganese is essential as an enzyme activator which helps with nitrate assimilation. It is also primarily involved in photosynthesis and chlorophyll production.

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