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Agricultural Chemical: Water Conditioning Agent Supa Link

Supplier: Agrichem

Agricultural Chemical for water conditioning and compatibility

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Agricultural Chemical: Water Conditioning Agent Supa Link

Compatibility, solubilising and coupling agent for tank mix applications and cleaning irrigation lines.

Benefits of Supa Link

  • Enables successful tank mixing of many fertilisers which are usually reactive and precipitate when mixed together
  • May also enable successful tank mixing of pesticides and fertilisers which often react with each other
  • Pre-conditions high alkalinity water for fertigation to enhance compatibility
  • Re-solubilises precipitation (salt build-up) caused by irrigation and bore water
  • Can be mixed with a wide range of agricultural chemicals
  • A totally safe, organic product

How Does Supa Link Work?

1. Some trace elements such as zinc, iron, manganese, magnesium, calcium, copper and boron react antagonistically with other elements to form insoluble salts. For example, zinc and phosphorus will form insoluble zinc phosphate. Supa Link separates the individual elements through a process which disassociates the ions making them soluble and available.

2. Supa Link may also be beneficial when pesticide and fertilisers are mixed together and react. Generally this is an inorganic reaction where Supa Link can assist in compatibility.

3. Supa Link is an effective treatment for precipitate build up (e.g. calcium or iron build up) in trickle lines by pre-conditioning hard water and high alkalinity water to minimise precipitation and/or deposition.

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